"Learn Why Singles Players Get Stuck At 3.0 Or 3.5 And Which Fundamental Tools You Need To Break Free...Easily!"
Is Your Singles Game Stagnant?
If you've been playing singles for years but keep losing to the same mediocre players players again and again...

Or if you're not very experienced yet and are confused by where to start or what to focus on to improve quickly and climb the singles ranks to the 4.0 level (advanced intermediate) and beyond...

Then what you're about to read is going to be extremely eye opening and encouraging to you. 
The 3 Elements REQUIRED For Singles Success
The truth is you'll continue losing to the same players without ALL THREE different elements that make singles success possible:
  • Element #1: Complete Consistency - If you can't make your shots go where you want them to go then winning reliably is impossible, even against beginners. It's important to understand that "consistency" doesn't mean hitting to the middle of the court over and over....you must master controlling height, depth, spin and direction with all of your swings before you'll ever see the results you want. 
  • Element #2: Reliable Offense - Sure, you can beat weak, inexperienced players with consistency alone, but without some kind of reliable offense you'll never defeat intermediate competitors. Relying on accuracy alone means marathon matches against pushers, dinkers, and retrievers. Plus, without some kind of weapon or weapons the stronger players at your local courts will punish you over and over. 
  • Element #3: Savvy Strategy - Finally, all the consistency and offense in the world can STILL put you on the losing end if you have no idea what to do with it! You need a plan, and not just any plan. One that makes you the geometrical favorite in every single point, because you're aiming for the best shots possible instead of "hitting where they're not" like most of your peers. Choosing the right targets will give you the winning edge you need against even the most experienced players at your local courts. 
This combination of reliability, weapons, and winning patterns of play is the trifecta you need to catapult forward in your singles results. But how can you develop those skills quickly and effectively without breaking the bank?

We have the solution, and it all started with one of our VIP clinics. 
Break Through Using A Proven Coaching Experience
Three or four times per year the entire Essential Tennis coaching team travels to a warm and sunny location to work with focused, passionate students in person and show them step by step how to achieve the results they want on the court. 

While our coaching videos are incredibly popular and effective (viewed over 29 MILLION times on YouTube) nothing compares to working with us in person. Our specialty is creating immersive, intensive learning experiences for our students and as a result the improvements they see are incredible (lots of stories from them down below). 

That's super....but very few tennis players have the resources to work with us in person! 

Traveling takes time and money, and frankly, working with us in person isn't cheap since we do it so rarely and we always keep our student to pro ratios extremely low. 

Great news. 

We took our full video production staff out to Indian Wells, CA this past March to film an entire two day clinic experience....and now you have the opportunity to learn how to break free from your stagnant singles results by watching exactly how we guided our students towards success!

Here's what our students had to say about their learning experience in Indian Wells:
"It just makes it so much easier."
"Ian asked at the beginning of this, “what do you want to get out of this?” And I said, “I want to learn simple strategy.” Because if it gets too complicated for me, then I just forget it all. So the simple strategy was awesome for me because it just says okay, do this 80% of the time and then when you get an opportunity, do something else.” ….it sunk in.

The intention with Essential Tennis is #1. It just makes it so much easier. I go to a lot of coaches, take a lot of classes, but this is so different."


3.0 NTRP
VIP Indian Wells Student
"Now I feel like I've got all the answers."
"The articulation and conveyance is much deeper with ET. They're just more intelligent about the way they convey and also it’s deeper as far as starting from the very fundamentals - footwork, movement, timing - as opposed to, let’s just talk about your grip, let you hit the ball, and not even talk about footwork. It’s vastly different.

There’s no gaps. Now there’s no voids and gaps and questions. Now I feel like I’ve got all the answers. Now it’s a matter of me going and implementing them.

So rather than working with a coach and plateauing out where you’re just going through these rote exercises and then a week passes and you’re on your own without any goals, it’s just nowhere. This is different. Now I have the tools. Now I can go on a daily basis, I feel like I can get out there and practice and just really build."


Los Angeles, CA
3.5 NTRP
VIP Indian Wells Student
"My tennis IQ's gotten exponentially better."
"The biggest building block that I established for my game here is the idea of point construction beyond just hitting it back and getting it in. Having a plan...and identifying the situations that apply to certain patterns. I think the biggest ah-ha is that I can identify those in my own matches and not be just plainly reactionary.

Other instruction tends to have gaps and holes. This is a more thorough, exhaustive approach.

What I like is that big ideas were broken up into little pieces - and I’m a little piece focus person, so that was really helpful to build on those little pieces step by step by step, progression style and bring it all together. 

My tennis IQ’s gotten exponentially better.


San Francisco, CA
3.5 NTRP
VIP Indian Wells Student
12 Hours Of Coaching - Simplified
The 3.0 and 3.5 singles players who traveled from all over the country to work with us were treated to 12 hours of coaching following the Essential Tennis philosophy of step by step progressions and a strong focus on the fundamental elements that make up the success of all great players. 

We took all that footage, broke it down into individual lessons, and organized them into a brand new digital coaching program called "3.5 Singles Solution". 

It's purpose is simple: give the millions of singles players all over the world who have yet to break free to the 4.0 level (advanced intermediate) and beyond an easy to follow system of improvement so they can develop the tools they need to break free of their 3.5 chains, win more matches, and have more fun on the court! 
So what's inside the program? 60 video lessons organized into 8 phases of improvement:
Phase 1: Groundstroke Control Fundamentals

One of the key foundational elements to singles success at ANY level is the ability to control what your forehand and backhand does off your strings. Unfortunately most players have very little awareness of what affects where their shots go, and that was true of our VIP clinic students as well. Watch as they're guided through a series of drill progressions to heighten their awareness of the critical technique elements that make up control. Use them the very next time you step onto the court!

Phase 2: Groundstroke Depth And Shape

Now the group progresses on to fine tune their forehand and backhand control by focusing on the specific elements of height and depth. Being able to dictate these two factors at will means being able to control your singles points! More height and depth will keep your opponents pushed back off their baseline in a defensive or neutral position, while being able to hit low and hard on purpose will give you much needed offense and finishing power.  

Phase 3: Groundstroke Direction

Cross court, down the line, inside out and inside in. If you don't know how to hit each of those directions with BOTH your forehand and your backhand then you're leaving opportunities on the table....and also leaving the door open for your opponents to exploit your inability to target different parts of the court! The explanations and drills that we guide students through will train you to pick any direction on any shot and successfully execute. This skill combined with the height, depth, and shape sections of coaching will give you the ultimate ability to dominate the baseline!

Phase 4: Positioning Success

The middle of the baseline should NOT be your home base most of the time as you engage in baseline exchanges. In this section of coaching you'll learn which geometrical considerations to keep in mind so you can always be in the right place at the right time and as a result get to more shots. Without this knowledge and execution you'll be doomed to leave openings for your opponents to exploit over and over again which makes winning next to impossible. 

Phase 5: Strategy Fundamentals

Unfortunately MOST tennis players walk onto the singles court without a solid, fundamentally sound "Plan A". Instead they rely on "hit and pray" tennis - trying their best to hit everything "in" and hope that their opponent screws up first. Or, they follow flawed tactics like "hit it where they're not" which leads to low percentage play and beating themselves. What's needed is a solid understanding of strategy fundamentals which is exactly what this section of coaching will give you! 

Phase 6: Offense Fundamentals

Control and consistency is great but without some kind of attacking game your most steady, savvy opponents will drive you insane! That's why we don't leave the offensive "rock" unturned with this group of students. You'll learn when, why, and how to "change direction" during your singles exchanges so you can dictate points at the right time, throw your opponents off balance and take control. Equally as important you'll learn when NOT to hit down the line so you can avoid beating yourself!

Phase 7: Volley Control Fundamentals

While most singles points are played at the baseline you'll leave a huge hole in your game without a solid understanding of how to be successful at the net! That all starts with fundamentally sound volley technique which this section of coaching will show you how to achieve step by step. You'll be able to use the exact same progressions the very next time you step out onto the court so you can develop pinpoint volley accuracy and control. Finally be able to convert on those short balls successfully!

Phase 8: Singles Approach Success

Having fundamentally sound volley technique is one thing, but knowing how to set those volleys up with a correctly placed approach shot is equally as important! In this section of coaching you'll learn the geometric principles at play in every good approach shot decision. The rules are completely different from the baseline so learning effective rules of thumb are critical to your success as you come up to the net. You'll see our students execute several different practice drills that you can use the very next time you step onto the court. 

How Your Singles Game Will Transform
Follow the coaching progressions inside this program and I guarantee you amazing results! What will you learn and what changes can you expect when you put into action what you learn inside 3.5 Singles Solution? 
  • The WORST singles strategy advice that you hear over and over and what to do instead so you can take control of your matches, win more, and have more fun. 
  • 3 simple progressions that will narrow your focus down to what really matters for forehand and backhand control. 
  • What the single biggest "depth killer" is and how to train your groundstrokes for pressuring, challenging depth that will give you control over your singles points. 
  • How to create offense during your singles points that doesn't sacrifice your consistency or reliability. 
  • Directing your forehand and backhand is all about your stance and amount of shoulder turn, right? Wrong! You'll learn why and what simple elements to focus on instead for pinpoint accuracy. 
  • The truth about going down the line, and how you can change direction calmly and effectively to challenge your singles opponents. 
  • Why many players completely misunderstand approaching the net in singles and how you can practice to avoid all of the big mistakes that all your peers are making. 
  • A dead simple "Plan A" that you can use to start every singles match with focus and purpose so you don't have to guess where to aim or when. 
  • What you should NEVER do to try and challenge your singles opponent's and yet it's the most common strategy used by 3.0 and 3.5 players. 
  • The single most important element to creating topspin, and how to easily control it so you can shape and curve your groundstrokes.  
  • Why "hit it where they're not" is a TERRIBLE singles strategy, and what you should be doing instead. 
  • 3 easy drills to develop your judgement of the ball and positioning so you can be in better balance and hit better shots. 
  • And much, much more!
World Class Coaching In Your Pocket
So how does this program actually "work"? 

After completing the registration form you'll be asked to create a user name for the 3.5 Singles Solution membership website. 

This is where all of the coaching videos are conveniently organized by phase and topic:
You can login to the membership portal to watch and review the coaching videos from absolutely any device: your home computer, office computer (I won't tell), Android or Apple phone, and Android or Apple tablet. 

Not only are all of the videos compatible with any computer or handheld device but you can freely download them as well in any quality you prefer, all the way up to 4k resolution (double the quality of full HD). 

All this means you have the ultimate flexibility and convenience to learn when, where, and how you want. Whether you're on the court, in your living room, or traveling every lesson will be at your fingertips. 
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Tennis became an obsession for me the moment I discovered it at age 11. I competed in high school and college while completing the four year "Professional Tennis Management" program offered by Ferris State University in partnership with the USPTA. 

After graduation in 2004 I went right to work teaching full time at some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States including Congressional Country Club in the Washington DC area. 

Even though my job was at an incredible club and I was on the court constantly I started to become frustrated. So few of my students shared my passion for improvement and learning. Most wanted a "quick fix" while others didn't want to learn at all and treated my lessons like a social hour. 

It was out of this frustration that Essential Tennis was born in 2008. I worked hard to grow it on the side and in 2011 I was able to quit my teaching job at Congressional to pursue my dream of world wide impact full time. Since then my videos have been viewed more than 29 million times on YouTube where Essential Tennis is the largest instructional tennis channel in the world with over 89,000 subscribers. 

I'm now privileged to have helped over 5,000 players in 144 countries through our digital coaching programs and Essential Tennis has become a worldwide leader in online tennis improvement. Creating systems of learning like 3.5 Singles Solution is my passion and I continue to work hard at my own ability as an instructor and coach. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that 3.5 Singles Solution will work for you, but you don't have to take my word for it - there are many more student success stories down below!
Incredible Instructional Value
Learning all of the skills inside of 3.5 Singles Solution from a world class coach who has the expertise to write you a step by step process for improvement would take dozens of lessons and cost thousands of dollars.  

In fact, all of the students who took our Indian Wells VIP Group Clinic invested $2,000 (not including travel or accommodation expenses) to be a part of the experience in person. While that may be more than most players can afford to improve their tennis game it's easy to tell by glancing at their feedback after the clinic that they were thrilled with the value they received!

Now, thanks to the power and convenience of digital video 3.5 Singles Solution will give you the ability to learn from the exact same coaching they received at a small fraction of the cost: only $97.

If you go to your average, run of the mill local teaching pro you'll only be able to take one or two lessons for that same financial investment. More importantly, those lessons won't be nearly as effective as the 3.5 Singles Solution system. What we do on the court is fundamentally different from any other coaching you've ever experienced. Simply read the feedback on this page from our coaching students to hear why that is in their own words. 

Also, keep in mind that taking lessons the old fashioned way doesn't give you the ability to revisit, and review everything for the rest of your tennis career, either. All of our online courses come with unlimited, lifetime access to every single lesson. 

Plus, if you register today I'm going to throw in three incredibly powerful bonuses:
BONUS 1 - "Singles Quickstart Action Plan"
Watching videos to improve your singles knowledge is great, but without actual work on the court you aren't going to get the level of results that you should! Don't worry, we've got your back. Immediately after registering for 3.5 Singles Solution you'll be able to download our special 10 page PDF Action Plan that will lay out a detailed, comprehensive practice plan for you to follow the very next time you step out onto the court. 

This is where the rubber really meets the road and executing your Action Plan is going to quickly set you apart from all of your peers who have also been stuck at their level of play for years or maybe even decades!
BONUS 2 - "Singles Drill Library"
In addition to the step by step guidance of your Action Plan you'll also have immediate access to a library full of our most effective and popular practice drills! Practice sessions will be so much more fun and productive once you have this reference guide of 21 videos at your finger tips. 

The videos are broken down into three different categories: cooperative drills, competitive drills, and feeding drills so you can pick and choose based on what part of your game needs improvement, what kind of practice partner you have, and what phase of learning you're in. 

This is an especially powerful resource for those team captains out there who feel like their practices have become stale, boring, or ineffective. It's time to inject some new life into those incredibly important practice sessions! 
BONUS 3 - "LIVE Q&A Coaching Call"
Shortly after registrations close to 3.5 Singles Solution for the first time we'll be holding a private, exclusive, LIVE video coaching session especially for all of our new digital students! This will be your opportunity to receive answers to all of your most burning questions about singles success. Nothing will be off limits: technique, strategy, problems with specific opponents, or even the mental game. 

You'll be able to submit your questions to us ahead of time to answer, or you can ask us live in the private chat on the live coaching page. Either way this is your chance to get personal guidance on the exact sticking points in your game. 

Plus, this private session will be recorded and posted in it's entirety so you can watch and re-watch it any time you like forever. 
Singles Transformation Is GUARANTEED
3.5 Singles Solution comes with a sixty day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee...but that's just the beginning. I personally promise that if you execute what you learn then within 60 days you will be playing the most effective singles of your life. Your teammates and opponents will envy the complete consistency, reliable offense, and savvy strategy of your newfound game. You'll be able to dispatch of weaker players with ease, beat players that have had your number on the court for years, and even start to challenge the next level of competition that you never thought would be in reach. 

I take your improvement very seriously, just like the improvement of all the other players you've read comments from on this page and I vow to do whatever it takes to make your tennis dreams and goals a reality. 

At any time within 60 days, if you decide 3.5 Singles Solution has fallen short of being able to work a miracle on your inconsistent, weak, ineffective singles game, transforming it into the confident complete package you've always wanted just call (484) 938-8255 and tell any of my team members (or even me personally) and we'll give you a complete refund. You can also email or send your request by postal mail to the addresses below or even just stop by our offices and studio. If you aren't fully satisfied with your singles results I wouldn't feel right keeping your money, so we make it as easy as possible to get a refund. 

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and I promise you won't be questioned. You don't even have to give any of the course materials back or delete them from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Even if I could take the instruction back I'd rather you keep it as my way of saying "thank you" for putting your trust in me as a coach and giving 3.5 Singles Solution a try. 
I believe so strongly in the programs we create here at Essential Tennis that I'm happy to put my own name and reputation on the line as well as take on all the risk of you giving 3.5 Singles Solution a try. Over 5,000 tennis players all over the world have put their trust in me as their digital coach and you can, too. 

Ian Westermann
Head Pro at Essential Tennis LLC
316 N. Milwaukee Street
Suite 360
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Email: ian@essentialtennis.com
Don't Hesitate - This Is Your Chance
Anyone can transform their singles game into the confident, winning play they've always wanted using the 3.5 Singles Solution system. I've shown you proof that my coaching methods work for others, and they will work for you too. You also know that with our no-strings attached guarantee you are 100% protected and safe. So what are you waiting for?

It's been said that in your moments of decision, tennis and otherwise, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? To do the same thing you've been doing and get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining 3.5 Singles Solution... 
Lifetime Access To 3.5 Singles Solution

100% SECURE.

P.S.  The time is now. Your singles game is going to continue lacking the consistency, offense, and savvy strategy you need until you take advantage of a comprehensive system of improvement like 3.5 Singles Solution. Will you take action? CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW
"....this really simplifies the process."
"The clinic emphasized using 'rules of thumb' when it comes to strategy. What this does is it really simplifies the game-plan process and takes the guess-work out of where to hit your shots. 

This clinic was different in that it had an outline that took us through the skills necessary to play singles, including footwork, controlling ball height, depth and direction from the baseline, in transition and at the net, and knowing where to hit the ball and why.
Each segment built on the last, and involved discussion, demonstration, hands-on experience, and then follow-up discussion and questions.


Ontario, Canada
4.0 NTRP
VIP Indian Wells Student
Lifetime Access To 3.5 Singles Solution

100% SECURE.

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