It's Time To Become A Serve Master!
Here's how you're going to ditch your embarrassing serve Alter Ego and gain the spin, consistency and power you need...
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Module 1
  • Which elbow position can kill your serve.
  •  How much grip pressure is too much (and how much is too little!)
  • What grips you must avoid and which you have to use or success is impossible.
  • When the right time to lag and release is for big serve power.
  • Much more!

Module 2
"Toss Success"
  • What different toss types help you increase both spin and power.
  • Which toss trajectory is right for YOUR serve.
  • The #1 drill for creating the perfect toss, even if yours is always erratic.
  • Which way you should hold the ball for perfect tosses.
  • Much more!

Module 3
"Motion Mastery"
  • How to fix the #1 mistake made in the racquet drop (it's NOT the "back scratch"). 
  • When to rotate and tilt to create smooth power.
  • A simple drill to stop waiter tray serving.
  •  Discover which of the 3 serve motions fit your personal serve timing.
  • Much more!
Module 4
"Solid Stance"
  • Which stances do (and do not) provide stability for your serve.
  • Which stances hurt your ability to create spin, consistency and power.
  • How to select the right stance for great timing.
  • What timing works best for creating more power with less effort.
  • Much more!

Module 5
"2nd Serve Solution"
  • Discover the simple feel drill that adds spin and control.
  • The secret to creating maximum upward spin.
  • When should you pronate on the second serve
  • Why this one toss placement kills your spin and weakens your back.
  • Much more!
Module 6
"Sick Kick Secrets"
  • Where contact has to be for massive kick on the ball (hint: DON'T "reach up" to contact!)
  • Avoid using this one swing path for creating kick serve spin.
  • What toss height you should never use to hit a kick serve
  • The #1 mistake servers make when using a kick serve toss
  • Much more!
Module 7
"Nasty Slice"
  • What racquet face angle will have your opponent off the court.
  • The #1 biggest myth about the slice serve swing path.
  • The biggest slice tossing mistakes you must avoid.

  •  A Simple drill to develop more feel on your slice serve.
  • Much more!
Module 8
"Big Power Keys"
  •  Which leg should do more work for maximum acceleration. 
  •  How pronation should be used (and NOT used) to create extra power. 
  • A simple drill to train stable, full body rotation so you can stop arming your serves. 
  • The secret to timing your swing for more power with less effort. 
  • Much more!
Bonus 1 - TODAY ONLY
Personal Serve Analysis
For the FIRST TIME EVER you can get a personal, precise stroke analysis video done of your own serve by an Essential Tennis Coach!

Until today video analysis has been completely reserved for our VIP and Elite coaching students who pay thousands of dollars to get personal guidance from our coaching team. 

You'll be able to watch as Ian, Kevin, Megan or Kirby go frame by frame, comparing your serve to a world class example, and pointing out exactly where you should spend your time to get the fastest, most powerful results. 

This is hands down the best way to shortcut your improvement time and develop the serve of your dreams as quickly as possible. We do NOT offer this service apart from our private coaching, but if we did we would charge at least $500.
Bonus 1
Character Solution
Attention all Dairy Queens, Jekyll and Hydes, and Muscle Heads! This special video series will help you shortcut your improvement and see big serve results as fast as possible. 

For each of those ugly serve Characters we’ve created a coaching video that dives deep into the patterns, habits, and underlying causes that result in dysfunctional serving personalities so you can finally discover the root problems keeping you from the serve you’ve always wanted. 

We’ll then describe a precise path through the Serve Mastery coaching program for each serve Character so you’ll know in exactly what order to watch the videos, do the drills, and follow the progressions. If you identify with ANY of the traits that the Dairy Queen, Jekyll and Hyde, or Muscle Head showed you during our free coaching series then this is THE fastest way to break through and banish those frustrating patterns holding you back. 

Just imagine how good it will feel to finally ditch that ugly alter ego, unlock your serve potential, and elevate your game. This coaching series would normally sell for $97 but if you register today you’ll receive access to it for free. 
Bonus 2
Serve Strategy Blueprint
Within these targeted coaching videos you’ll learn exactly how to deploy your newfound serve accuracy, power and spin to be as successful as possible against your opponents. 

Whether you’re a singles player or doubles player you’ll learn which targets are best for every point situation, which types of serve work best against different styles of opponent, and even combinations of serves to use to set up yourself or your partners so you can hold serve as easily as possible. After watching these videos you’ll feel fully empowered to strategize like the pros, confident in which serves you choose and why, and fearless against every opponent you face. 

This coaching will take your service strategy from picking random targets at random times, praying that they’ll work, and transform you into the wise and knowledgeable strategist that everybody looks up to on your local courts. This coaching series would normally sell for $197 but if you register today you’ll receive access to it for free.  

Bonus 3
LIVE Serve Q&A
 You'll also receive an exclusive, live Q&A session with all four of the Essential Tennis coaches where they’ll answer your most pressing questions about the serve and guide you towards success. 

A few weeks after registrations for Serve Mastery close we’ll reach out and ask for personal questions relating to the toss, arm motion, trophy pose, pronation, making spin, or anything else serve related. We’ll then group those into themes and schedule a live video conference that ONLY members will be invited to. You’ll have access to a live chat where you can ask follow up questions and get more detailed feedback from the coaches, or interact with your fellow students. No worries if you can’t make the live session, everything will be recorded so you can watch or rewatch every second right from the member’s area. 

This personal access will fully illuminate your path and give you full confidence about your journey towards serve mastery! This personal coaching access would normally cost $197 but if you register today you’ll receive access to it for free. 

What You're Getting Today:
Full Serve Mastery System - $1,000 Value
Serve Character Solution - $97 Value
Serve Strategy Blueprint - $197 Value
Live Serve Q&A - $197 Value

Total Coaching Value: $1,491
100% Money Back Guarantee

It's really simple. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you follow what you learn in Serve Mastery then 60 days from now you'll be delivering serves with more power, spin, and accuracy than you ever have in your life. 

If that doesn't happen for any reason simply shoot us an email ( or give us a call directly at (484) 938-8255 so we can give you a full refund. 

Keep all course materials and bonuses as our way of saying "THANK YOU!" for giving us a try! Over 8,000 passionate players all over the world have put their trust in us as their digital coaches, and you can too. 
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3-Pay Plan Closes
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