“Ditch the rushed, panicked feeling you get at the net and trade it for calm, zen like control of all your volleys!"
Sounds Familiar, Doesn't It?
Recently we were visited by a new private coaching student named John, who traveled from San Francisco to see us here in Milwaukee, WI. He had all of the most common mistakes that tennis players of every level make on their volleys - he was tight, tense, jerky, and had very little control over where his volleys were going.
Try This Test Yourself
To help illustrate his need for control I asked him to complete a simple task - hit 10 volleys in a row that landed in nomans land during an easy, cooperative rally down the middle. Most players think this sounds super easy until they try it for themselves, and fifteen minutes later John was ready to throw in the towel. He got to 10 eventually, but only after significant effort and frustration. 

We did some video analysis of his volleys and it told the whole story - John was working hard to follow the advice virtually every tennis player has been given: to “punch” and “stick” his volleys for more pace and firmness. The result - jolting, rigid technique which was what caused his lack of control, calmness, and effectiveness. 
So What's The Solution...?
John needed to learn how to smoothly GUIDE the ball instead of punching and jerking at it! We started leading him through our super simple “precision progressions” and step by step he started smoothing out his movements and gaining control. 

We took a quick break for lunch, came back and did a quick review, and then gave him the very same 10 shot challenge. This time he completed it his very first try! We let him continue working on his newfound feel and control and a few minutes later he had executed 10 volleys in a row three out of five rallies with a new personal record of 18.
How Do I Transform Like John?
How was this transformation possible in just an hour or two? By following the powerful learning process and drill progressions that we developed at a recent two day volley instructional experience. 

We had our production team there on the court to capture every moment, and that footage was turned into the brand new version of one of our most popular digital coaching programs of all time: Volley Mastery. 

Within it you’ll learn step by step, progression by progression, how to calmly and effectively hit EVERY variation of volley there is. The coaching is broken down into 9 modules focusing on different parts of volley development. 
Phase 1: Volley Foundations:
Here you'll learn how to build rock solid fundamentals into your volley game including grips, take backs, and controlling the angle of the racquet face. Without these elements correctly in place everything else you do on top will never be as successful as it should be!
Phase 2: Precision Progressions:
Once you have a solid foundation this section will give you a step by step drill process to follow so you can develop pinpoint accuracy, both depth and width. Executing these drills will give you the calmness and control you need to react cooly in any singles or doubles situation. 
Phase 3: Footwork Fundamentals:
Knowing how to hit the ball properly is critical, but so is moving effectively so you can be in balance and control! This section of coaching will train you how to move smoothly and naturally to any volley, no matter how jammed you are or how far away the ball is so you can be like a wall at the net.  

Phase 4: Half Volley Success:
Most tennis players panic when they have to hit a half volley but it doesn't have to be that way! These special videos will show you how to judge when to let the ball bounce, and when to take it out of the air so you can remain calm when the ball drops down at your feet, every time. 
Phase 5: Sitter Volley Solution:
If you're sick of spraying easy shots long, wide, or into the net then this coaching is exactly what you need. It will give you the step by step instruction needed to put away weak, floating shots with authority but without overhitting and giving away unforced errors resulting in ultimate confidence at the net!
Phase 6: Transition Volley Success:
Most tennis players get stuck back behind the baseline, passively waiting to be invited to the net by a super short ball. Not anymore! This coaching unlocks the secrets of making it through nomans land with coolness and calmness no matter what your opponents hit at you so you can calmly dictate play. 
Phase 7: Angle Volley Success:
Sharp angle volleys are rarely hit by amateur players even though they're constantly available during points and are deadly effective in both singles and doubles. This coaching will show you how to hit sharp, subtle angles that leave the court in a hurry and leave your opponents scratching their heads.
Phase 8: Drop Volley Success:
This tricky, sneaky shot is so much more simple than most players make it, and once you know how to execute it correctly huge opportunities are opened up for you during matches. These videos will train you how to hit volleys that drop and die just on your opponent's side of the court so you can catch them off guard.

Phase 9: Topspin Volley Success:
This shot is the ultimate in offensive transition shots and once you master it you'll strike fear in the hearts of your singles and doubles opponents alike. This coaching shows step by step how to take the ball out of the air with a topspin swing without sacrificing consistency or reliability.
That’s a lot of coaching, but is it effective? Do our progressions and teaching methods really work? Here’s what one of our students who joined us live for this volley coaching had to say about his experience and results:  
"My volleying has improved tremendously..."
“The two days I spent with Ian/Ira/Kirby in Milwaukee for Volley Mastery were one of the best investments I have ever made for my tennis game, and I mean that sincerely. Previously, I was a decent volleyer at the 3.5 level. I had several technical flaws such as a tendency to swing on my forehand side, too much chopping when I tried to create underspin, and not very good on half-volleys. 

The Volley Mastery Clinic was unique in that we rebuilt my volleys by starting with the most basic elements such as clean contact, angle of racket, etc. and then layered on more complex skills such as touch, directional control, depth. By the end of the two days, I had greatly improved my ability to control the depth and power of my volleys. With ET’s teaching, I was able to hit some of the best touch and short angle volleys that I have ever done. I even did a 100-ball volley with Ira (no ball ever hit the ground) – something I certainly never did before. 
After the clinic, I was given a detailed and easy to follow Action Plan to work on what I had learned at Volley Mastery. I spent a solid two months working through the Action Plan.  

In the months that I followed, my volleying has improved tremendously. This summer, I played up at 4.0 summer Men’s USTA and served and volleyed pretty much 80-85% of the points. I felt very confident hitting solid first volleys even off great returners at the 4.0 level. In addition, I have become very aggressive at the net with much improved poaching technique and am comfortable creating havoc and disruption for the opposition. Now in doubles, the front of the court is where I want to be (previously, I played back and let others attack). 

Without a doubt, I would recommend Volley Mastery to anyone.”


Detroit, MI
3.5 NTRP
Volley Mastery Student
Ultimate Convenience And Effectiveness 
So how does this program actually "work"? 

After completing the registration form you'll be asked to create a user name for the Forehand Mastery membership website. 

This is where all of the coaching videos are conveniently organized by phase and topic:
You can login to the membership portal to watch and review the coaching videos from absolutely any device: your home computer, office computer (I won't tell), Android or Apple phone, and Android or Apple tablet. 

Not only are all of the videos compatible with any computer or handheld device but you can freely download them as well in any quality you prefer, all the way up to 4k resolution (double the quality of full HD). 

All this means you have the ultimate flexibility and convenience to learn when, where, and how you want. Whether you're on the court, in your living room, or traveling every lesson will be at your fingertips. 
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Tennis became an obsession for me the moment I discovered it at age 11. I competed in high school and college while completing the four year "Professional Tennis Management" program offered by Ferris State University in partnership with the USPTA. 

After graduation in 2004 I went right to work teaching full time at some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States including Congressional Country Club in the Washington DC area. 

Even though my job was at an incredible club and I was on the court constantly I started to become frustrated. So few of my students shared my passion for improvement and learning. Most wanted a "quick fix" while others didn't want to learn at all and treated my lessons like a social hour. 

It was out of this frustration that Essential Tennis was born in 2008. I worked hard to grow it on the side and in 2011 I was able to quit my teaching job at Congressional to pursue my dream of world wide impact full time. Since then my videos have been viewed more than 32 million times on YouTube where Essential Tennis is the largest instructional tennis channel in the world with over 102,000 subscribers. 

I'm now privileged to have helped over 6,000 players in 144 countries through our digital coaching programs and Essential Tennis has become a worldwide leader in online tennis improvement. Creating systems of learning like Volley Mastery is my passion and I continue to work hard at my own ability as an instructor and coach. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Volley Mastery will work for you, but you don't have to take my word for it - there are many more student success stories down below!
Incredible Instructional Value
Learning all of the different shots and skills taught inside of Volley Mastery in person would take days of private coaching and cost thousands of dollars. Of course, that would be worth it to develop the cool, calm, and collected net game you need to reach your potential in singles and doubles, but thanks to the power of digital learning you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much when you register today. 

When you click the button down below right now to join me inside this incredible program you’ll only pay the cost of a few conventional lessons - $197

Also, keep in mind that taking lessons the old fashioned way doesn't give you the ability to revisit, and review everything for the rest of your tennis career, either. All of our online courses come with unlimited, lifetime access to every single lesson. 

Plus, if you register today I'm going to throw in four incredibly powerful bonuses:
BONUS 1 - "Volley Mastery Action Plan"
Watching videos to improve your volley knowledge is great, but without actual work on the court you aren't going to get the level of results that you should! Don't worry, we've got your back. Immediately after registering for Volley Mastery you'll be able to download our special 10 page PDF Action Plan that will lay out a detailed, comprehensive practice plan for you to follow the very next time you step out onto the court. 

This is where the rubber really meets the road and executing your Action Plan is going to quickly set you apart from all of your peers who have also been stuck at their level of play for years or maybe even decades!
BONUS 2 - "John Volley Experience"
In addition to the step by step guidance of your Action Plan you'll also have immediate access to the full volley coaching film of our recent VIP student, John, who you saw in the video up above. 

In just a few quick hours we dramatically improved his volley accuracy, precision, and calmness and this exclusive video will uncover exactly how we did it. We don't publish full cuts of these coaching videos anywhere else online besides Essential Tennis Academy but you'll have full access right inside the Volley Mastery member's area. 
BONUS 3 - "LIVE Q&A Coaching Call"
Shortly after registrations close to Volley Mastery for the first time we'll be holding a private, exclusive, LIVE video coaching session especially for all of our new digital students! This will be your opportunity to receive answers to all of your most burning questions about volley success. Nothing will be off limits: technique, strategy, or anything else you can think of that's volley related. 

You'll be able to submit your questions to us ahead of time to answer, or you can ask us live in the private chat on the live coaching page. Either way this is your chance to get personal guidance on the exact sticking points in your game. 

Plus, this private session will be recorded and posted in it's entirety so you can watch and re-watch it any time you like forever. 
BONUS 4 - "Overhead Mastery!"
Precise, accurate volleys are vital at the net, but what about getting lobbed? We've got you covered! When you register for Volley Mastery today we're going to GIVE you full access to Overhead Mastery - our comprehensive, step by step system for overhead success! 

You'll learn everything you need to know about footwork, swing mechanics, practicing, and strategy to make your overhead feared instead of targeted by smart players. 

The result - a big WEAPON at the net that will make your opponents think twice about lobbing you and make doubles players of all levels want to be your partner. Combined with Volley Mastery you'll have the ultimate coaching package to be successful at the net. Normally priced at $97, you'll get free access when you register today. 

Volley Mastery Is GUARANTEED
Plus, Volley Mastery comes with an iron clad, 60 day money back guarantee of improvement. If two months from now you aren’t hitting the most controlled, accurate, and calm volleys of your life simply shoot us a quick email to support@essentialtennis.com or call our office directly at 484-938-8255 and we’ll refund your full tuition price immediately. 

It’s really simple - if Volley Mastery doesn’t help you transform at the net then we don’t want your money, and you can even hold on to all the videos and resources you’ve downloaded from the member’s area as my way of saying “thank you” for giving it a try. 

So what are you waiting for?? You need to develop a calm, precise, and accurate net game if you really want to reach your potential as a tennis player and you’ve seen proof here that our coaching system gives those results. You even have a guarantee of improvement so all the risk is on our end of the computer screen. Start transforming your tennis game today by signing up for Volley Mastery now. Simply click the button down below, enter your information, and you’ll be inside the member’s area just seconds from now. I can’t wait to welcome you on the other side. 

I believe so strongly in the programs we create here at Essential Tennis that I'm happy to put my own name and reputation on the line as well as take on all the risk of you giving Volley Mastery a try. Over 6,000 tennis players all over the world have put their trust in me as their digital coach and you can, too. 

Ian Westermann
Head Pro at Essential Tennis LLC
316 N. Milwaukee Street
Suite 360
Milwaukee, WI 53202
This Is Your Chance!
What are you waiting for?? You need to develop a calm, precise, and accurate net game if you really want to reach your potential as a tennis player and you’ve seen proof here that our coaching system gives those results. You even have a guarantee of improvement so all the risk is on our end of the computer screen. 

Start transforming your tennis game today by signing up for Volley Mastery now. Simply click the button down below, enter your information, and you’ll be inside the member’s area just seconds from now. I can’t wait to welcome you on the other side. 
Lifetime Access To Volley Mastery

100% SECURE.

"My volleys are now drastically better..."
"My volleys are now drastically better and absolutely more confident, was able to win the WTT nationals title just applying what I've learned during Volley Mastery. 

Knowing the fundamentals of the grip change and having open racket while volleying has boost my confidences enough to rush the net and/or poach at net."


Orange County, CA
3.5 NTRP
Original Volley Mastery Student
"It is an absolute game changer..."
"My newly acquired volley skills have made a huge difference in the outcome of my matches. I take advantage of opportunities to come forward more, especially with opponents that are more likely to send a weaker reply off of my approach. i am at the net much more often and i do not feel like a fish out of water. The odds of me winning a point once i get a weak reply has improved dramatically. 

It is wonderful to be "eager" when i see the ball floating toward me instead of the horrible feeling i used to get in the pit of my stomach. It is an absolute game changer." 


4.0 NTRP
Original Volley Mastery Student
"I'm no longer afraid to go to the net..."
"I am not afraid of the net like I was before Volley Mastery. I am 100% more confident in my net play and I do approach the net more often. My groundstrokes are superior to my volleys but I'm no longer afraid to go to the net and volley."

Ann Marie

3.5 NTRP
Original Volley Mastery Student
"My partners started calling me 'The Wall'"
"I play a lot of doubles and before taking Volley Mastery I was very tentative at the net. I would just stand there hoping that the ball did not come to me. 

After taking Volley Mastery and practicing proper technique, I became very confident and very aggressive at the net. I routinely poach and pick off any weak returns that my opponents hit. My playing partners started calling me "The Wall" because nothing gets past me anymore. 

 Volley Mastery has had a bigger impact on the way I play tennis than anything else I have done. Thank you for putting together such a useful program."


3.5 NTRP
Original Volley Mastery Student
"My volleys have improved 100%"
"My volleys have improved 100 %. I am much more confident approaching the net and I approach the net at every opportunity."


3.5 NTRP
Original Volley Mastery Student
Lifetime Access To Volley Mastery

100% SECURE.

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