Discover The Secrets To Maximum Racquet Head Speed For Monster Forehands That CRUSH Your Competition....
Here's What You Will Gain

Max Forehand Acceleration focuses like a laser on the top three reasons why amateur players of all levels suffer from poor forehand racquet head speed:

  • Core Activation - You won’t ever accelerate your forehand to its potential without powerful core range of motion. A long, full swing gives you huge potential for speed.
  • Looseness - When your average tennis player wants to hit harder their tension increases dramatically, sucking acceleration away. Full looseness is required for maximum speed.
  • Kinetic Chain - Even with great core rotation and looseness, if your body doesn't move in the correct sequence you'll be left with sub-par acceleration, spin, and power. 

All three of these elements are broken down for you in simple a simple step by step system spanning multiple HD quality videos. 

They'll show you how to quickly develop powerful use of your core, stay loose, and take advantage of the full kinetic chain to gain twice as much racquet head speed on your forehand or more! 

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  "Forehand Precision Formula"
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If you act right now I am going to throw in a super special bonus: a video series that will take your newfound forehand power and show you how to place it on a dime, every time. 

Max Forehand Acceleration will give you all the resources needed to get explosive racquet head speed, but "Forehand Precision Formula" will show you exactly how to direct that racquet head speed with pinpoint accuracy so you can hit with offense AND consistency

You'll learn the keys behind directing your newfound forehand power down the line, cross court, inside out, and inside in so you can boss your opponents around the court and keep them under pressure without making unforced errors. 

You'll also learn how to have control over the depth of your forehand, so you can land all of your shots exactly where you want them to go whether you're on offense or defense. 

This control and consistency coaching combined with Max Forehand Acceleration will transform your forehand into the ultimate combination of power and reliability! 

This is a $97 value but is yours FREE as my gift to you for investing in Max Forehand Acceleration TODAY!

Crushing Forehands - Guaranteed!

It's really simple: If Max Forehand Acceleration doesn't transform your forehand into the reliable weapon you're always wanted then you'll receive a full refund of your tuition, no questions asked.

At any time within 60 days, if you decide Max Forehand Acceleration has fallen short of being able to work a miracle on your inaccurate, weak, ineffective forehand, breathing new life into it by giving you the precision, power, and offense you've always wanted simply let us know by giving us a call at (484) 938-8255 or sending a quick email to and we'll give you a full refund. 

You don't even have to give any of the course materials back or delete them from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Even if I could take the instruction back I'd rather you keep it as my way of saying "thank you" for putting your trust in me as a coach and giving Max Forehand Acceleration a try.
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