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Lesson 1: Telling The Future 

Most tennis players aren't playing "chess" out there on the court at all. That's because the majority of the signals their opponents are giving off go completely unnoticed....which means they're playing reactionary tennis! Playing proactive instead by reading those signals will win you many, many more singles and doubles matches. 

Lesson 2: Balance 

Sure, it's obvious that your opponent is out of balance when they're running way wide off the court and stretching for a ball, but did you know there are many other less obvious times that are constantly occurring during your matches? Learn what they are so you can get the jump on that next shot. 

Lesson 3: Court Position

You should be expecting very specific shots from your opponent depending on the depth and width that they occupy on the court. Unfortunately most tennis players have no idea what those patterns are so they're constantly caught off guard and having to hit awkward shots that should have been easy. 

Lesson 4: Contact Height

Most tennis shots hit at amateur levels aren't struck from a comfortable strike zone. Are you anticipating what is coming next based on that information? Where should you expect the next shot if your opponent his hitting from above shoulder height, or down below their knees? Find out in this lesson. 

Lesson 5: Racquet Preparation 

Let's be honest, not many amateur tennis players ever fake the shot they're about to hit.....that means if you know what to look for you can easily tell what type of reply is coming next based on your opponent's preparation. Soft, hard, topspin, slice, flat, dropshot, lob? You can see all of those coming and more if you're looking for the right queues! 

Lesson 6: Most Important Pattern 

Some tennis players break all the "rules" and pick really goofy targets on a regular basis. Don't worry, they can be just as easy to read and tell the future against if you keep in mind the one thing that I share in this video. Without it you'll constantly feel lost out there against experienced players. 

Lesson 7: Level Considerations 

Did you know that depending on the level of your opponent you should be giving different amounts of weight and respect to queues like balance, positioning, and preparation? Things aren't always what they seem against a high level opponent, but against a beginner or intermediate player you can take certain things to the bank. Find out what they are in this video. 

Lesson 8: Unfair Advantage 

All of this extra information is great, but what should you actually do with it? What moves should you be making and when to gain the biggest advantage of your opponent possible? Do these things right and the results truly can be "unfair". You'll be in the right place at the right time much, much more frequently and win more matches as a result. 

Lesson 9: Singles Neutral 

This video will give you show you exactly where to expect replies from your opponent when neither of you really have the upper hand in a rally, you're just trading average shots back and forth. Knowing this information will allow you to position yourself in the right spot earlier which means you can hit more offensive shots back and gain the upper hand. 

Lesson 10: Singles Defensive 

End the crazy cycle! How many times have you put your opponent in a really tough spot only to have them get off the hook and miraculously win the point? Usually that's due to poor anticipation and a low ability to "read" the point situation. After watching this video you'll know how to keep that from happening!

Lesson 11: Singles Offensive 

Everybody hates playing a high quality "scrambler", so why not learn how to be great at it? A huge part of high level defense is simply knowing where your opponent's offensive shot is about to go. Once you learn where to move and leave a little early all of the hard work is done. Players who don't do this leave massive openings for their opponents over and over. 

Lesson 12: Doubles Neutral

If you aren't anticipating your opponent's shots during neutral rallies back and forth then you're leaving tons of points on the table. Period. Opportunities are there to be had at all levels, every single point, but almost nobody takes advantage of them consistently. After watching this video you'll know exactly what to look for and how to move. 

Lesson 13: Doubles Offensive

Good defensive skills in doubles win matches over and over....just think about how frequently people complain about teams who lob a lot. A big part of their success is knowing where to be and when, which gives them the chance to reset the point again and again until their opponents mess up. It all starts with the information in this video. 

Lesson 14: Doubles Defensive 

So many times doubles teams have their opponents on the ropes only to allow them back into the point again. That's because most players don't know what to expect next after hitting a great shot. Stop giving away those frustrating points and start being in the right place to finally finish them in your favor instead by checking out this video!

Let's face it... many times on the court, you're stuck reacting to every move your opponent makes and you get caught at their mercy if you make the slightest mistake. 

What if you were able to turn the tables on them by knowing exactly what type of shots they were going to make and where they were going to place the ball...  wouldn't you gain the upper hand? 

How much more fun would you have on the court if you could recognize common patterns in their movements and racket position and be instantly prepared for what's coming your way... 

In This "Anticipating Opponent Shots" Video Series You'll Discover:
  • How to instantly switch from reactive mode to proactive mode
  • How to tell when to get the jump on your opponent's lack of balance
  • How to read EXACTLY where your opponent will hit the ball next
  • How to prepare for the exact type of reply your opponent is hitting your way
  • What to focus on for each specific type of player based on their skill level
  • Where to place yourself on the court to gain an unfair advantage
  • What you need to do to gain the upper hand in a rally
  • How to play singles offensive, defensive, or neutral
  • How to play doubles offensive, defensive, or neutral
  • How to always be in the right place at the right time, ready with the right shot...
  • And a whole lot more!
"Hitting On The Rise Success"
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