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Lesson 1: How Control Works

Do you know what actually causes the ball to go where it goes on your forehand and backhand? The answer may surprise you! Understanding it is vital to your accuracy and consistency which will in turn allow you to win more matches and have more fun on the court. 

Lesson 2: Foundational Layer

The first progression in this coaching is all about using shadow swings to start training your body and mind for pinpoint accuracy. Not just any shadow swing will do - there must be a very specific focus on a few key elements.

Lesson 3: Drop And Hit

Hitting balls at a cone or basket is one thing....but the special targeting system I've developed gives you both a general and specific target area which results in laser like accuracy quickly and easily. Plus, it's a ton of fun and you don't even need a parter!

Lesson 4: Challenge Drills

Now it's time to really put your forehand and backhand to the test by playing a few accuracy games. How many can you get in a row to a certain spot? How about out of 10 tries? Again, no partner or ball machine needed to make huge improvements. 

Lesson 5: Making Adjustments

Do you know what simple adjustment to make when a shot travels long? Short? Wide right or left? You've completed several drill progressions and now it’s time to learn how to make small tweaks to your swing to fine tune exactly where your shots go.

Lesson 6: Hitting A Feed

Things get a little more true to life now that a ball is traveling towards us with speed. Timing comes into play which makes accuracy a bit more difficult but if you continue to follow my step by step instructions you'll be amazed at how easy it is. 

Lesson 7: Accurate On The Run

This is where the rubber meets the road! Can you maintain balance, correct spacing, and control as you run down a wide forehand or backhand? Learn how in this advanced layered drill progression that will train you for success on even difficult wide shots.

Lesson 8: Partner Drills

All of this extra information is great, but what should you actually do with it? What moves should you be making and when to gain the biggest advantage of your opponent possible? Do these things right and the results truly can be "unfair". You'll be in the right place at the right time much, much more frequently and win more matches as a result. 

Lesson 9: Percentages

Accurate, repeatable swing technique is great but if you don’t know what targets are best during match play it can all go down the drain! Find out what elements combine to help you aim your forehand and backhand for maximum success.

Lesson 10: Singles Neutral

Where should you aim during singles points when neither player is either off balance or in command? These decisions are ultimately what determine whether you will walk off the court a winner or loser.

Lesson 11: Singles Offense

Are you sick of running your opponents side to side in singles only to have them win the point when you finally make a mistake? It's probably due to poor target selection and this video will show you exactly how to avoid those frustrating points.

Lesson 12: Singles Defense

Picking the right targets when you are on the run and off balance is crucial to your success on the court! Find out exactly where you should direct your forehand and backhand when your opponent has you on the ropes so you can win more points.

Lesson 13: Doubles Neutral

Most doubles players are giving their opponents way too many opportunities during their match play because they hit towards the wrong player at exactly the wrong time. Find out exactly how to avoid that in this lesson. 

Lesson 14: Doubles Offense

Hate getting lobbed in doubles? Usually getting lobbed over and over means you aren’t doing your job on offense by finishing points correctly. Don’t worry, I’ll show you which targets are most effective in different offensive situations.

Lesson 15: Doubles Defense

Being truly successful while on defense in doubles is much more nuanced that just throwing up lob after lob! Learn what signals you should be looking for to determine exactly what shot types to use in these tricky situations.
Hey, my name is ______________, and I recently I read a case study from Russell Brunson, showing how he was able to take one of his marketing funnels that was working so poorly, he literally was about to shut off the hosting, and walk away from it forever...

But, in almost a moment of desperation, he decided to try something crazy - and within 30 days, this funnel had done over $100k in sales...

Within 60 days over $300k...

And within 90 days, they passed the $500k a month mark!

I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you'd probably like it a lot, so I go permission to post this casestudy here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!
CASESTUDY: How We Took 1 Dead Funnel, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
Earlier this year, we almost walked away from a sales funnel we had spent over 18 months trying to perfect, but we just couldn't make profitable. 

It was selling a new supplement we had invented, and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss. 

Yes, for every $1 we put into ads, we were getting back about $0.40. 

Not a good way to run a business long term. 

We had tested and tried a LOT of things (as you may know, we literally wrote the book on split testing - you can get a free copy of that book at www.DotComSecretsLabs.com)...

Yet for some reason, we couldn't turn the corner on this one. 

Conversions were good... cashflow was bad. 

About that time I had a chance to talk to a few guys I knew who were crushing it in a very similar market. 

I showed them what we were doing, what our conversions were, and why I was frustrated. 

He came back with two questions. 

First) How much does it cost you to acquire a customer. 

Ha ha... this one I knew. :)  

After watching Shark Tank for years, I knew this was a core metric that EVERYONE had to master, or they couldn't run a business. 
"Depending on the traffic source, we average about $80 to acquire a customer."
Boom - I'm pretty sure he was going to be impressed. 

Then question #2 came out:

Second) What's your average cart value? 

Huh...? Cart Value? What's that mean? Why aren't you asking me about my conversion rates?

I had never heard of that metric before. 
"It's how much money you make on average, in the cart (including your upsells, downsales, etc...), when someone buys your product." he said...
Now, that was a metric in our funnel I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started crunching our numbers, and figured out that our average cart value was ONLY about $32. 

"Well, that's your problem - you're conversions might be awesome, but your cart value sucks. Get that up, and you're back in the game."

Hmmm... I had never thought about cart value before. How could I increase that? 
  • Adding more upsells...
  • Adding a downsale...
  • Adding exit pops...
  • And more...
Where else could I add in things to increase my revenue? 

As you can guess, that put us on a new mission. 

At the time, we only had 1 upsell, and while it converted great, the dollar amount didn't get us even close to break even, let alone a profit. 

So, we changed the first upsell, and did a bundle pack that sold 6 bottles. 

We created another product for a second upsell, and then a third.  

After we had everything in place, we turned the traffic back on. 

We already knew it was going to take us about $80 to acquire a customer... but how much now would we make immediately, in the cart, from each person who bought? 

Within hours, we knew we had a winner. We were averaging about $163 cart value on day #1 (before any follow ups went out!!!)

Do you know what that means? 

$80 to acquire, and we immediately, point of sale (in the cart) make $163 back out!

$1 in... $2 back out!

That's the formula for a winner!

Now all we had to do, was add more traffic, and watch how fast we could scale this offer.  

And the results were awesome. 

Within a month, we passed $100k in sales. 

Within 2 months, over $300k. 

And by month #3, less than 90 days after making those changes, we had passed the $500k a month mark!

So, next time you start to build a funnel (or you're trying to fix a dead funnel) - remember these two metrics:

1st - what does it cost to acquire a customer?
2nd - what is your average cart value...

If you can get those 2 numbers right, everything else will take care of itself.

Russell Brunson
CEO www.DotComSecrets.com 
Isn't that awesome! After reading that I got so excited, I wanted to see behind the scenes on EVERY page, what Russell had done...

So, I went to the website, and started to buy the product, so I could see all of the pages in his funnel...

But the problem, was depending on what I purchased, I saw different things. I got a glimpse of what he was doing, but I wasn't able to see the whole thing. 

So I asked Russell if he's be willing to show me behind the scenes of his funnel, and show me EVERY page, what they did, why he did them in that order, what he had tested that worked... and what he did that didn't work. 

Knowing that Russell charges $3,500 for a 1 hour consult on the phone, I didn't think I was going to hear back...

But what happened next shocked me. 

I got an email back from Russell, and the subject line said:
Funnelology 101
What..? What was this? 

I nervously opened the email, and what I found inside literally changed my business forever.

Not only did Russell open up EVERYTHING and show me EXACTLY what he had done, and why... 

He recorded a mini course showing me every page... every step in the funnel - What he had done, and why.  

He also went on to show me WHERE he got his traffic, how much it costs and more!

He literally HANDED me a blueprint, that I could plug ANY product into, and see almost instant success!

He asked me to keep this mini course a secret, because he didn't want it passed around free on forums and message boards.

But I asked him if I could make it available to a few of my faithful subscribers.  

I had to twist his arm a bit, but finally he said YES!!! (with just a few rules)

1st) I couldn't show it to everyone - only people who are serious about growing a company online.

2nd) I couldn't give it away free - people I show it to HAVE to make some type of token investment.
"If they aren't willing to invest something in their business, then no matter what we show them, they'll never actually value it."
said Russell...

So, I asked him if I could sell it to a select few people, for just $7.  

After hesitating a bit, he agreed, but with ONE caveat... that he could pull my license to resell this video training at anytime for any reason.

So, there you are... 

Right now you've got a once in a lifetime shot....

To get access to his Funnelology 100 product, a virtual blueprint that he currently making him over $500k PER MONTH... for just $7. 

Is it worth it?  

Well, considering he $3,500 an hour consulting fee breaks down to about $58 a minute...

I think that $7 what you're getting here is a steal. 

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