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Think about the players that have been really hard for you to beat...  

What is it that they all have in common that makes them difficult opponents? 

Yes, they all have something very specific in common but I'm not referring to their serve, or their backhand, or their forehand. 

Those can sometimes be part of it...

However, it's not the real reason they're hard to beat! 

You may already spend a lot of time practicing and working on your serve, or your forehand, or your backhand... 

But in order for YOU to become that player that everyone else considers "hard to beat" you're going to have to focus on something that most tennis players totally overlook.

How "Multi-Dimensional" Are You Right Now?

Whether you're a singles player or a doubles player you're going to have put in very specific work to become a multi-dimensional player...

What is a Multi-Dimensional Player? 

Someone who is confident and comfortable EVERYWHERE on the court.

Confident at the baseline... 

Comfortable at the net...  

And comfortable anywhere and everywhere in between! 

When you're confident everywhere on the court your opponent has to work harder for every single point.

This Is How You Finally Become An "All Court Player"...

It's finally possible for you YOU to become that "All Court Player" that you hear about.

But how do you do that? 

Hi, I'm Ian Westermann, and I'm the head pro at EssentialTennis.com. 

In my over 15,000 hours of teaching and training passionate tennis players around the world I've discovered the most neglected area of the game that is messed up more often than any other and results in your being clumsy, off-balance, and more prone to errors than anything else...

What am I talking about? 

The Volley!

When You Start To Master The Volley, You Give Yourself A HUGE Advantage Over Your Opponents...

Now you're finally able to open up your game and reduce your errors tremendously.

You'll no longer find yourself sitting way behind the baseline scrambling back and forth point after point... 

You'll finally have the ability to transition from the baseline up to the net and hit every type of shot in between, effectively and competitively... 

And you can put real pressure on an opponent when the time is right. 

You no longer have to be scared or timid about approaching the net. 

You'll be able to serve and volley, return and volley, and play those tricky half volleys cooly and calmly. 

Your confidence level will skyrocket and you'll feel at home anywhere and everywhere on the court. 

Your fellow players will admire your versatility... and your opponents will fear it! 

The more "multi-dimensional" you become the easier your wins will come. 

Your shortcut to that kind of transformation is my comprehensive course called "Volley Mastery". 

How Will Volley Mastery Help Me?
  • Volley Foundations - Did you know that "punching" your volleys is actually leading to most of your errors? In this section you'll learn exactly how simple hitting winning volleys can be.
  • Rebuild Your Technique - Follow my simple step by step progressions to build a fundamentally sound forehand and backhand volley from the ground up. Time to erase and re-write those old habits. 
  • Intermediate Volley Skills - Now we'll take things up a level and start developing your ability to react cooly and calmly at the net or while transitioning even when your opponents hit an excellent shot. 
  • The Half Volley - For most players this is a panic shot and they have no ability to actually control where it goes. After following my guidelines you'll be able to easily place your half volley wherever you want, even under pressure. 
  • The Angle Volley - If you're constantly missing your angle volleys wide or into the net then this coaching is going to be a game changer for you. Few shots are more fun and satisfying to hit successfully. 
  • The Deep Transition Volley - So many players get stuck back behind the baseline point after point because they don't know how to handle deep volleys between the service line and the baseline. It's actually much easier than you think...
  • High Offensive Volley - There's nothing worse than having your opponent on the ropes only to give away the point by dumping a high, easy volley into the net. Once you learn the correct technique those embarrassing misses will be a thing of the past. 
  • Advanced Volley Skills - Now it's time to learn how to hit some of the most fun and exciting shots in all of tennis. These techniques are very rarely taught by tennis instructors but they will add a huge dimension to your game. 
  • Swinging Topspin Volley - Most players really overcomplicate this shot and as a result their success rate is much lower than it should be. I'll teach you exactly how to hit it so you can strike fear in the hearts of your opponents. 
  • The Drop Volley - When this shot is executed correctly it's a thing of beauty and incredibly satisfying. The technique that I teach for the drop volley is actually much more simple than most players think it should be. 
  • The Volley Lob - Talk about a confounding shot for your opponents when they see the ball float perfectly over their heads - especially in doubles. This is a specialty shot that can get you out of many tricky situations around the net. 
  • Singles & Doubles Techniques - Whether you play more singles or more doubles all 7 types of volley that you'll learn will transform your ability to come to the net confidently and successfully. 
  • And Much Much More...
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60 Day Money Back. If 60 days from now you aren't coming to the net more confidently and successfully than you ever have in your life then simply let us know and we'll be happy to fully refund your investment. No questions asked. 

You have nothing to lose and an all-court game to gain. 
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"I Am More Aggressive Now At The Net..."

I only play doubles now, and since in doubles most points are won at the net, being able to volley well is critical. 

Your Volley Mastery course made me a better and more confident volleyer.  

I am more aggressive now at the net and look to poach often.    

- Neal

"Nothing Gets Past Me Anymore..."

After taking Volley Mastery and practicing proper technique, I became very confident and very aggressive at the net.  

I routinely poach and pick off any weak returns that my opponents hit. My playing partners started calling me "The Wall" because nothing gets past me  anymore.  

Volley Mastery has had a bigger impact on the way I play tennis than anything else I have done. 

Thank you for putting together such a useful program.

-Dan Stern, Jr.

"My Opponents Try To Avoid Me..."

Overall, I've been an aggressive net player, sometimes with more enthusiasm sense. 

Now I have a better idea of what I can do up there against more advanced players and a more secure confidence in the tools I use. 

That is reflected in the fact that my opponents make a lot of errors trying to avoid me in doubles, and more and more resort to drilling it at me as a tactical option.