How To Play Your BEST When It Matters MOST
...Even If You Struggle With Mental Demons And Choke Every Time!
Are You A Different Player During Matches?
If you play great in practice only to become a completely different player during matches, hitting all your shots tentatively or missing everything you typically make...

If you experience high levels of tension and anxiety during competitive play...

If you "choke" matches away after getting a big lead, especially while playing against WORSE opponents...

Or if you've considered giving up tennis all together because you're just not enjoying it anymore then what you're about to read is going to be extremely eye opening and encouraging to you. 
"Mental Demons" Are To Blame....
Any player who has experienced one or more of the symptoms above has a battle with mental demons. 

Don't worry, it's not just you. EVERY player who loves the game and loves to win has dealt with mental demons at some point, all the way up to professional levels. 

I know first hand because I had a long, hard struggle with them myself. It actually got to the point where the game I loved more than anything else in the world wasn't even worth it anymore. Every time I stepped onto the court it resulted in anger and frustration. 

That came to a head late in my college career when I just couldn't do it anymore. I completed another miserable match and while my teammates looked on I walked as far away from everybody as I could and just laid down, staring at sky while I contemplated walking away from the game that used to bring me so much joy:
And that's what I did. I decided to leave competition before my senior year of college play completed. It was a painful decision to make, but I'm so glad I did it because it gave me space to contemplate my journey through tennis and how in the world things ever came to that conclusion. 
Here's How You Know You're At Risk
So what do mental demons actually LOOK like? How can you tell that they're taking a foothold in your head and putting you at risk of a huge downturn in your enjoyment and performance on the court?

They look a little bit different for everybody, but here are a few of the most common warning signs:
  • Choking during important matches
  • Lack of confidence resulting in much weaker shots than you're capable of
  • Giving up big leads in games and sets over and over
  • Losing to players much worse than you because your normal game disappears
  • Dealing with negative/difficult doubles partners 
  • Nervousness and anxiety 
  • Gamesmanship and cheating by opponents derailing you and causing losses
  • Slow starts that are difficult to overcome later in a match
  • Poor focus and concentration, especially when you're way ahead
  • Playing "not to lose" when it matters most instead of being able to hit your best shots
  • Huge momentum swings that result in completely unreliable play
  • You play great in practice, terrible in matches
  • Self doubt and strong fear of losing
  • Negative attitude, anger, and destructive self talk during matches
  • Distractions around the court affecting your performance
  • Drop in play due to random weather conditions like wind and sun
  • Bad line calls on big points completely blow up your ability to play good tennis
  • Having "off" days over and over
  • Annoying opponents get you off your game and drag down your level of play
  • Excuses that hold you back from improving as fast as you could. 
  • Expectations from others and yourself make you tighten up and play like a different player
  • Playing worse when people watch
The Solution Is Much More Simple Than You Think
I started my full time teaching career after college and shortly after began publishing content online. As I reached out to my audience to ask them what they needed help with the same answer came back over and over: mental toughness. 

All I knew was the traditional approaches to finding "the zone" that I had tried myself back in college: rituals, positive self talk, affirmations, and visualization are staples in all of the most popular books you'll read and experts you'll listen to. 

That's when I interviewed a peak performance expert that flipped all of that on its head. His name is Ed Tseng and he's the creator of the Mental Tennis Mastery method. 

Rather than focus on trying to control the SYMPTOMS that mental demons cause Ed's teachings show players how to understand the very root of the problem: how the mind works and how thoughts control our feelings and actions on the court. 

Once you have that understanding gone will be the days the days of applying surface tricks and gimmicks in an attempt to distract yourself into thinking you aren't nervous. Instead, Ed will show you how to naturally float back into the zone so you can perform freely, execute amazingly, and have a blast doing it! 

Ed and I teamed up to create a fully comprehensive online program that covered his entire philosophy in detail. Mental Tennis Mastery was born and it's the key to finally unlocking your potential on the court when things really matter most.
The Coaching That Will Change Your Life
So what's inside the program? The original coaching consisted of 34 videos broken down into four different phases:
Phase 1: Foundations

This first section of coaching really lays the groundwork for everything else to come. Ed will explain to you what the zone REALLY is, and why it seems to mysterious and elusive. 

You'll also learn why traditional sports psychology is the "band-aid" approach to getting into the zone which is why so few players actually experience getting there on a regular basis. 

Phase 2: Focus

If you crave the ability to keep your internal and extern focus on the task at hand during matches then this section will be a game changer for you. 

You'll learn how to shift to a completely new paradigm of understanding when it comes to mental toughness so that the zone actually becomes automatic, and you won't continue to get pulled out of it by every little distraction that comes along. 

Phase 3: Performance Under Pressure

In this section of coaching you'll learn exactly how to play your best when it matters the most instead of performing like most of your peers: worse play as the stage gets bigger and the lights brighter. 

You'll also learn something that seems very counterintuitive and is actually one of my favorite lessons: how to "let go" when it matters the most which is a huge secret to lasting success both on and off the court.

Phase 4: Confidence

Want to approach every match with an absolute assurance that you'll be able to play your best? If so this section is going to be a game changer for you. 

You'll learn how to deal with FEAR when it comes up, because it inevitably will right when you don't want it to. After you're finished with this training you'll actually welcome it instead of dreading it. 

Then, We Made It Even Better
Hundreds of passionate tennis players all over the world achieve incredible results thanks to that first version of the program, but we wanted to make it even better. After multiple student surveys, interviews, and development sessions Ed and I created some brand new coaching to address all of the areas that players were still needing additional guidance in. 
Phase 5: On Court Coaching

This is where you get to see the rubber really meet the road as Ira, Kirby and Ian all take to the courts while Ed coaches them through all of the big stumbling blocks that players face during point play. 

The Essential Tennis players put themselves on the line while cameras are rolling so you can get a glimpse into their thoughts and exactly how Ed would guide you through the same situations you experience in every match. 

Phase 6: Going Deeper

Ed explains why you're much more like a world champion than you think and also what the mindset of an olympian is like after working with one at the Rio games. 

You'll also learn what the most common blocks in learning are and why thoughts don't need to control you or your tennis. Plus, one-on-one private coaching sessions with Kirby and Ira. 

Phase 6: Q&A With Ed

This series of videos features Ed answering some great questions from original students of the Mental Tennis Mastery program. 

You'll learn how to play loose and free, how to close out a match, the best ways to prepare mentally for competition, the source of behavior, and much more. 

How Your Game Will Transform
Follow Ed's guidance and I guarantee you amazing results. What kind of positive changes can you expect after applying what you learn within the Mental Tennis Mastery course?
  • Finally be able to perform just as well in matches as you do in practice, or even better.
  • Bounce right back into the zone after getting pulled out of it by distractions, bad calls, or missed shots.  
  • Feel free, smooth, and loose during even the biggest points. 
  • Start closing out games, sets, and matches instead of constantly allowing your opponents back in. 
  • Stay laser focused on playing your best tennis instead of allowing your thoughts and eyes to wander around. 
  • Consistently crush the players a level or two below you instead of dropping down to their game and giving them a chance. 
  • Play your best regardless of weather conditions, crowd noise, or annoying antics by your opponents. 
  • Calmly shrug off bad line calls or gamesmanship from your opponents so you can continue performing your best. 
  • Jump head first into improving your strokes and tactics instead of continue to make excuses for why you can't do it. 
  • Play the same high quality tennis no matter who is watching or how many spectators there are.  
  • Keep your level of play steady and consistent instead of having big ups and downs as matches progress. 
  • Start matches at your best instead of needing a full set or more to "warm" up every single matches. 
  • And much, much more!
World Class Coaching In Your Pocket
So how does this program actually "work"? 

After completing the registration form you'll be asked to create a user name for the Mental Tennis Mastery membership website. 

This is where all of the coaching videos are conveniently organized by phase and topic:
You can login to the membership portal to watch and review the coaching videos from absolutely any device: your home computer, office computer (I won't tell), Android or Apple phone, and Android or Apple tablet. 

Not only are all of the videos compatible with any computer or handheld device but you can freely download them as well in any quality you prefer, all the way up to 4k resolution (double the quality of full HD). 

All this means you have the ultimate flexibility and convenience to learn when, where, and how you want. Whether you're on the court, in your living room, or traveling every lesson will be at your fingertips. 
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Tennis became an obsession for me the moment I discovered it at age 11. I competed in high school and college while completing the four year "Professional Tennis Management" program offered by Ferris State University in partnership with the USPTA. 

After graduation in 2004 I went right to work teaching full time at some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States including Congressional Country Club in the Washington DC area. 

Even though my job was at an incredible club and I was on the court constantly I started to become frustrated. So few of my students shared my passion for improvement and learning. Most wanted a "quick fix" while others didn't want to learn at all and treated my lessons like a social hour. 

It was out of this frustration that Essential Tennis was born in 2008. I worked hard to grow it on the side and in 2011 I was able to quit my teaching job at Congressional to pursue my dream of world wide impact full time. Since then my videos have been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube where Essential Tennis is the largest instructional tennis channel in the world with over 71,000 subscribers. 

I'm now privileged to have helped over 5,000 players in 144 countries through our digital coaching programs and Essential Tennis has become a worldwide leader in online tennis improvement. Creating systems of learning like Mental Tennis Mastery is my passion and I continue to work hard at my own ability as an instructor and coach. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mental Tennis Mastery will work for you, but you don't have to take my word for it:
What Mental Tennis Mastery Students Have To Say
"Nobody teaches this stuff, I was so blessed to buy the course."
"The funny thing is that no body teaches this stuff. You know I was so blessed to be able to purchase your course, and the thing is that I would have paid so much money for that before because it would have saved me a lot of problems in Jai Alai and begging contracts. Because I begged a lot of contracts and my managers were nice enough to give me contracts. And yes I got to an elite level, to the most elite one. But it was after a while. It was after 8 years. So I wished it could have come sooner but in a way I’m blessed that it came into my life because it doesn’t just apply to tennis, it applies to real life. It applies to businesses, it applies to everything. It really does."


5.5 NTRP
Mental Tennis Mastery Student
"...I'm winning complete matches."
"In the past I can say almost, well i don’t know how many years. It’s 3 to 5 years I probably almost didn’t win a set. I may have felt I kinda had my opponent running around the court, but I never won a set. And since I’ve looked at the Mental Tennis Mastery course and all of the other little things have come together I’m winning complete matches. And even on a day where I’m struggling, I may lose the first set. Once I lost the first set in the past, that’s it (I lost). But now, I’ll win the second set and think 'I didn’t do anything different', but it happens, you know."


French Channel Islands
3.5 NTRP
Mental Tennis Mastery Student
"I'm actually winning matches now..."
"I really feel like I enjoy the game. And as a result I’m playing a lot better. You know, I’m not focusing on, if somethings going wrong, I don’t focus on it, I let it go and I just keep playing. I’m actually winning matches now and enjoying my tennis a lot more."


4.0 NTRP
Mental Tennis Mastery Student
Unbeatable Coaching Value
So how much does Mental Tennis Mastery cost? Well, Ed has a professional practice where he works with individuals daily who want to solve these problems and perform at their highest levels. Covering his entire methodology like Mental Tennis Mastery does would easily take 20+ one on one sessions with Ed costing $5,000. 

That investment would be totally worth the transformation in your tennis and your life but we wanted to make this program much more accessible.

Thanks to the power and convenience of digital video Mental Tennis Mastery will give you the ability to work step by step through the same coaching that Ed would give you if you were a personal client but at a small fraction of the cost: only $397. 

That’s less than the price of only two one on one sessions with Ed, and you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to him explaining every detail of his philosophy in videos that can be played on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Plus, every video can be downloaded and saved to any device. 

Plus, if you register today I'm going to throw in two incredibly powerful bonuses:
  Register Today To Receive Two Huge Bonuses
BONUS 1 - "MTM Power Start"
Ed wanted to help you get on the right track fast to defeating your mental demons so he put together a special series of videos specifically to jumpstart your understanding of his unique philosophy. 

Within this series you'll learn what the 5 words that explain why most people fail, not just at tennis but every other endeavor in life. Grasp this one concept and you'll be set up for success as you move through the rest of the program. 

You'll also learn the difference between responding and reacting, and why most tennis players are choosing the wrong one. 

Lastly, you'll learn Ed's secret formula for peak performance: P = P - I. This sets the stage for all of the other lessons inside the Mental Tennis Mastery program. 

Learning these lessons from Ed in a on-on-one session would normally cost $250 but if you register for Mental Tennis Mastery today you’ll get access to them absolutely free. 
BONUS 2 - "Live Coaching Session With Ed"
This bonus is a huge one because it gives you the opportunity to have your personal questions answered by Ed Tseng himself! 

A few weeks after the closing of this promotion Ed and Ian will jump on a live video conference call to give some bonus insights into the mental game and also answer all of the most pressing questions that Mental Tennis Mastery students have after they've had a chance to work their way through the program. 

You'll be able to submit questions ahead of time for us to talk about and also join us live so we can interact with you in a chat while addressing your personal mental demons. 

The entire experience will be recorded and then posted in the Mental Tennis Mastery member's area so you can learn from it again and again as you continue to develop your ability to find the zone more easily and naturally. 

This live coaching session would normally sell for $197 but if you register for Mental Tennis Mastery today you’ll get access to it absolutely free. 
Mental Transformation Is GUARANTEED
Mental Tennis Mastery comes with a sixty day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee...but that's just the beginning. I personally promise that if you execute what you learn then within 60 days you will be playing just as well in matches as you do in practice. Your teammates and opponents will envy your ability to find the zone and stay there as you perform your best when it matters most. You'll be able to close out matches that you used to choke away, shrug off bad line calls or annoying opponents, and play the same high quality tennis no matter who is watching or how many spectators there are. 

I take your improvement very seriously, just like the improvement of all the other players you've read comments from on this page and I vow to do whatever in takes to make your tennis dreams and goals a reality. 

At any time within 60 days, if you decide Mental Tennis Mastery has fallen short of being able to work a miracle on your weak mental game, transforming you into the rock solid competitor you've always wanted to be just call (484) 938-8255 and tell any of my team members (or even me personally) and we'll give you a complete refund. You can also email or send your request by postal mail to the addresses below or even just stop by our offices. If you aren't fully satisfied with your mental performance results I wouldn't feel right keeping your money, so we make it as easy as possible to get a refund. 

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and I promise you won't be questioned. You don't even have to give any of the course materials back or delete them from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Even if I could take the instruction back I'd rather you keep it as my way of saying "thank you" for putting your trust in me as a coach and giving Mental Tennis Mastery a try. 
I believe so strongly in the programs we create here at Essential Tennis that I'm happy to put my own name and reputation on the line as well as take on all the risk of you giving Mental Tennis Mastery a try. Over 5,000 tennis players all over the world have put their trust in me as their digital coach and you can, too. 

Ian Westermann
Head Pro at Essential Tennis LLC
2838 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 1
Brookfield, WI 53045

Don't Hesitate - This Is Your Chance
Anyone can transform their mental game into a rock solid, stable part of their game using the Mental Tennis Mastery method. I've shown you proof that Ed's coaching methods work for others, and they will work for you too. You also know that with our no-strings attached guarantee you are 100% protected and safe. So what are you waiting for?

It's been said that in your moments of decision, tennis and otherwise, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? To do the same thing you've been doing and get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining Mental Tennis Mastery... 
Lifetime Access To Mental Tennis Mastery

100% SECURE.
Enjoy Mental Tennis Mastery on any device at any time.

P.S.  The time is now. Your mental game is going to continue causing you pain, anger and frustration until you take advantage of a philosophy of peak performance like Mental Tennis Mastery. Will you take action? CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW
"I was able to move past my thoughts and execute..."
"When I took the court for warm ups I was so nervous I could hardly hit the ball. I served first and opened with a double fault and was quickly down love-30. You can imagine how I was feeling in that moment. Thanks to Ed I was able to move past my thoughts and execute on the court and my partner and I easily won the match. We went 3-1 at States, finished 2nd and received a wild card to Sectionals where we won both of our matches. I don't think I could have performed as well before listening to Ed's teachings especially since my doubles partner was very vocal and let me know every time I under performed."


Mental Tennis Mastery Student
" attitude and game improved significantly."
"I am competitive again. I have a regular weekly match with someone I have been playing for many years. Our matches were always competitive but then I started overthinking my shots and forcing changes and he started beating me (badly). After taking the MTM course and having a few follow-up discussions with Ed my attitude and game improved significantly. I'm winning matches with this particular opponent more regularly and even when I don't, the matches are very competitive once again. The improvements have been very good, but I need to continue to work on letting the game flow and not try to intervene mentally if my game starts to drop."


Mental Tennis Mastery Student
"I've experienced a complete turnaround."
I've experienced a complete turnaround. My outlook has changed, my feelings on the court have changed, permanently. I am playing like I am capable of playing and I am winning. Of course I still lose some, but I know I've played my best and I didn't beat myself.


Mental Tennis Mastery Student
" has also filtered across to other areas in my life"
"The change has been dramatic for me on the court and it has also filtered across to other areas in my life. The biggest help was to discover that others face fear also and that it is a normal experience we all need to overcome for different reasons. I have learned to focus on one shot at a time, relax, channel the adrenaline, enjoy it, keep it in perspective. Now I can apply the skills I learn through the essential tennis videos. 18 months on I continue to receive much positive feedback about my ongoing improvements. I feel confident to keep moving forward and am really now so enjoying the love of the game which was my goal."


Mental Tennis Mastery Student
" mental game has helped improve my physical game!"
My results have been awesome! Last season I went 5-3 in my tennis league and the 3 matches I lost were matches I feel I could have won, if my mental strength were better.
This season I am 5-0, in the same league, and my mental game has helped improve my physical game! I am able to play more like I practice. Much more free and better!


Mental Tennis Mastery Student
Lifetime Access To Mental Tennis Mastery

100% SECURE.
Enjoy Mental Tennis Mastery on any device at any time.

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