"Learn How To Harness The Power Of Chaos In Your Doubles Points So You Can Win With ANY Partner!"
Discover Exactly How YOU Can Avoid Becoming The Next Victim On The Doubles Court...
If you‘ve been playing doubles tennis for any length of time, then you've most likely felt like a VICTIM in two main ways... 

Victim Instance #1:  You've probably felt like a victim of your own doubles partner as they've blown a match for you...

Someone who is challenging to communicate and coordinate with, someone who seems to always be in the wrong position, or lacks the skill that you have, and you're caught scrambling all over the court trying to save every point.

Or sometimes your partner is TOO aggressive and tries to do everything instead of working together as a team. 
Victim Instance #2:  You’ve probably been a victim of your opponents when you’ve been identified as the weak spot, or the weaker partner...

You find yourself picked on and bombarded by your opponents, and you end up letting your partner down with unforced errors, being out of position, or lack of strategic play. 

It can be quite embarrassing to lose in all of those situations. Your reputation on the court is at stake and nobody likes the feeling of losing, or worse, the feeling of letting their partner down.
The invisible force....CHAOS
Tennis players love doubles because it's fast paced with lots of movement and excitement. That Chaos is an invisible force that's present in every single match. 

When you aren’t in control of it, every point is overwhelming and it feels like you’re constantly a second or two behind. With so many the variables that contribute to getting a win… you, your partner, your communication, and your opponents… it can easily feel like you lack real control over the outcome.

The #1 reason people lose, is also the SECRET to taking back control on the doubles court!
Can you actually harness it?
The players who recognize and EMBRACE the Chaos, using it to their advantage, are able to rack up victories with ease and have more fun. In fact, it’s actually the solution to most of the common frustrations that doubles players face. 

The good news is YOU can start harnessing the power of Chaos today to transform your game, win more matches, and become feared on the court...

Even if you’re playing a team that's better than you or if you've been paired with a partner that doesn’t know what they’re doing!
Consistently turn the tables on your
 doubles opponents...
With a few key tweaks to your positioning and targets you can be the creator of that Chaos, by learning how to minimize the chances of you and your partner getting sucked into it and deflecting it right onto your opponents.

You can take control of the timing and rhythm of your points, and seemingly be in the perfect place each time to turn the tables on your opponents, keeping them on their heels and scrambling across the court at your whim. 
When you apply the fundamental strategies that we teach to our doubles students you no longer have to fear coming up to the net, or getting lobbed.

You no longer have to fear serving, holding serve, or returning serve.

You no longer have to fear getting paired up with a new partner, or a weaker partner, or even letting your partner down!
"I've gotten a number of comments from people at my club..."
"I've gotten a number of comments from people at my club about how much I've improved.

In addition, I've won matches at line 1 on 4.0 teams and I won one more 4.5 match (in a tiebreaker 9-7, after coming from behind 2-5 in the third set).

I think what's really making a difference is the constant split steps and my readiness for each ball. 


4.0 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Student
Gain the winning reputation you've always wanted as a doubles partner and doubles opponent...
When you discover and apply what we teach in our brand new flagship program, you'll be able to take control of your doubles game and play more proactively, aggressively, and more confidently than ever before. 

Introducing, "Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory", the newest version of one of our most popular courses of all time!

What makes the latest version of this course special is the unique format.

We recently ran a live VIP Doubles Clinic in San Diego, California with a group of Essential Tennis students of varying levels.

We spent eighteen hours on the court with those students over three days of coaching, and each and every explanation, drill, and progression was captured in 4k HD quality video.
We’ve taken all that high quality footage and added more in studio doubles training to it to assemble the absolute best doubles courses our students have ever seen.

As part of the Chaos Theory course, you'll get to see 1st hand how students are actively utilizing and applying this coaching to their game in real time so you can follow the same progressions and make strategic, exponential improvements yourself. 

Each student invested $5,000 to participate and learn how to transform their doubles game with the “Chaos Theory” of Doubles Success

From the feedback we are still getting months later their results on the court have been spectacular:
"Now we have control of the court..."
"We no longer try to end the point too soon and in fact most points are ended because of their mistakes trying to do too much because we have control of the court.

The lob we can easily now anticipate and run down, the chop ball we can diffuse with our net positioning or getting them out of position.

At the end of the match teams will say - 'we can tell you are very well coached'.

We have done several retreats in the past and we take away a little bit here and there, but truly what we learned at Essential Tennis gave us permanent tennis results that did take us to a higher level of play."

Beth and Toni

4.0 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Students
Get Instant Access To $5,000 Worth Of Doubles Tennis Training And Proven Strategies For A Lifetime of Improvement...
We’ve taken everything those players learned in the exclusive, live VIP clinic and broken the footage down into bite size, easy to digest lessons and used it as the foundation of our brand new digital coaching program called “Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory.” 

We named it that because it will teach you how to stop being a victim on the court by harnessing the power of Chaos and directing it onto your opponents, so you and your partner can become a dominant force on the court just like our other successful students.

Within this course you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know to calmly take control of your doubles matches, be proactive and more aggressive on the court, and be a hero to your doubles partners. 

We’ll teach you step by step how to become that player everyone admires and looks up to and who has an uncanny ability to turn ANY doubles partnership into a winning team. "Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory" is broken down into 7 strategic modules that you'll gain instant access to today.

Module 1: Dominate 1-Up, 1-Back

This module is critical to your success as a doubles player because you’ll learn how to be successful from this most common formation in amateur doubles.

Even if you like closing into the net after serving and returning, your partner may not which means you must know what tactics and targets to use to create Chaos for your opponents if you’re ever going to win consistently.

You’ll learn how to avoid playing “team singles” and how to be proactive instead.

Module 2: Transition Domination

Within this module you’ll learn how to avoid the number one mistake doubles players make when trying to close into the net from the baseline - rushing and panicking which causes mountains of unforced errors.

After executing what you learn you’ll be able to cooly and calmly move forward to put the pressure on your opponents and cause consistent chaos.

You’ll also learn the counterintuitive secrets of no mans land success so you can close in at will and take control of your matches.

Module 3: Lob Domination

This module will show you step by step how to deal with lobs once and for all.

Gone will be the days of late reactions, poor net positioning, and sloppy footwork patterns which cause doubles players of all levels to absolutely hate getting lobbed.

Instead you’ll be able to effectively read that lobs are coming and move athletically into position to keep the chaos firmly on your opponent’s side of the court when they try to bail out of points with defensive shots.

Module 4: Poaching Domination

Within this powerful coaching you’ll learn how to inject yourself in the middle of points, take charge, and disrupt the rhythm of play for your opponents, creating massive chaos in the process.

You’ll also learn the big movement and target selection mistakes your peers are making to keep them from poaching successfully.

Plus a step by step guide to faking your opponents out.

Executing what you learn in this module will strike fear in the hearts of your opponents every time you’re at the net.

Module 5: Serve And Volley Domination

Here you’ll learn how to take full advantage of your first and best opportunity to close into the net and create chaos - immediately after your serves!

This is an intimidating tactic for most players but it doesn’t have to be that way. You’ll learn the best footwork patterns and targets to use so you can immediately move in with balance and calmness.

Putting into play what you learn will give you the ability to move right in and pressure your opponents, even on second serves!

Module 6: Return & Volley Domination

Within this coaching you’ll learn how to take full advantage of your first opportunity to close in and pressure your opponents immediately after receiving serve.

No more sitting back and playing defense all day from behind the baseline.

Executing what you learn will give you the ability to quickly and calmly move in by utilizing dynamic footwork patterns like the walking step and the hopping step that will naturally lead you forward to create chaos.

Module 7: Formation Domination

This module of coaching contains everything you need to know to change things up on your opponents using the I formation, Australia formation, and double back formations successfully.

Everything from positioning, to serve targets, to communication and signals is covered learning no stone unturned so you can keep your opponents off balance and guessing what in the world is coming next.

You'll even learn the easiest ways to get your partners on board with these tricky plays by making it as easy as possible.

"This really is about making people better..."
"I learned a lot about things that I should be thinking about that I hadn’t been thinking about, things that I should be looking for that I wasn’t looking for, things that I needed to anticipate that I wasn’t anticipating.

This has been a real abundance, an embarrassment of riches in a lot of ways in terms of a real feast for the mind when it comes to thinking about the fundamentals of tennis, both the mental, as well as the physical parts of it. 

It’s not just about whacking the ball around and having fun and then going home and not having improved.

It really is about making people better and I really appreciate that."


3.5 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Student
IMAGINE in the coming months, with "Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory," how your doubles game will transform:
  • 3 simple steps to breaking out of playing "team singles" forever and  finally start moving PROactively during your points.
  • What the single biggest "net player blunder" is that lets your opponents off the hook and what targets you should be choosing to completely avoid it. 
  • How to create chaos during your doubles points WITHOUT sacrificing your consistency or reliability. 
  • You should always keep your eyes on the ball, right? Wrong! You'll learn exactly where they should be focused during your points and when to shift them. 
  • The WORST footwork pattern when closing into the net (that most of your peers are using) and how to close with total control instead. 
  • The truth about guarding your alley, and how you should move to effectively create chaos without giving up the wrong parts of the court. 
  • Why most players completely misunderstand how to cover lobs effectively and how you can read them coming early and position yourself with ease.
  • A dead simple poaching formula that you can use to calmly inject yourself in the middle of your points and create huge chaos for your opponents. 
  • What you should NEVER do when trying different formations and how you can easily get different partners to agree to using them. 
  • The single most important element to serve and volley success, and how to easily execute it correctly so you can calmly close in and create chaos. 
  • Why "back player covers lobs" is a TERRIBLE doubles strategy, and what you should be doing instead. 
  • 3 easy footwork patterns that will give you instant success using a return and volley strategy. 
  • And much, much more!
World Class Coaching In Your Pocket
So how does this program actually "work"? 

After completing the registration form you'll instantly be emailed a personal login for the Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory membership website. 

This is where all of the coaching videos are conveniently organized by phase and topic:
You can login to the membership portal to watch and review the coaching videos from absolutely any device: your home computer, office computer (I won't tell), Android or Apple phone, and Android or Apple tablet. 

Not only are all of the videos compatible with any computer or handheld device but you can freely download them as well in any quality you prefer, all the way up to 4k resolution (double the quality of full HD). 

All this means you have the ultimate flexibility and convenience to learn when, where, and how you want. Whether you're on the court, in your living room, or traveling every lesson will be at your fingertips. 
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Tennis became an obsession for me the moment I discovered it at age 11. I competed in high school and college while completing the four year "Professional Tennis Management" program offered by Ferris State University in partnership with the USPTA. 

After graduation in 2004 I went right to work teaching full time at some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States including Congressional Country Club in the Washington DC area. 

Even though my job was at an incredible club and I was on the court constantly I started to become frustrated. So few of my students shared my passion for improvement and learning. Most wanted a "quick fix" while others didn't want to learn at all and treated my lessons like a social hour. 

It was out of this frustration that Essential Tennis was born in 2008. I worked hard to grow it on the side and in 2011 I was able to quit my teaching job at Congressional to pursue my dream of world wide impact full time. Since then my videos have been viewed more than 29 million times on YouTube where Essential Tennis is the largest instructional tennis channel in the world with over 91,000 subscribers. 

I'm now privileged to have helped over 5,000 players in 144 countries through our digital coaching programs and Essential Tennis has become a worldwide leader in online tennis improvement. Creating systems of learning like Doubles Domination is my passion and I continue to work hard at my own ability as an instructor and coach. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory will work for you, but you don't have to take my word for it - there are many more student success stories down below!
Incredible Instructional Value At
A Fraction Of The Price!
Learning all of the skills and strategies inside of Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory from a world class coach who has the expertise to guide you through every nuance of doubles success would take dozens of lessons and cost thousands of dollars.  

In fact, all of the students who took our VIP doubles strategy clinic in San Diego, CA invested $5,000 (plus travel expenses) to be a part of the experience in person.

While that may be more than some players can afford to improve their tennis game, it's easy to tell by reviewing their feedback after the clinic that they were thrilled with the value they received!

Now, thanks to the power and convenience of digital video Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory will give you the ability to learn from the exact same coaching they received at a small fraction of the cost: only a single payment today of $397.

If you go to your average, run of the mill local teaching pro you'll only be able to take a few lessons for that same financial investment. More importantly, those lessons won't be nearly as effective as the Doubles Domination system. What we do on the court is fundamentally different from any other coaching you've ever experienced. Simply read the feedback on this page from our coaching students to hear why that is in their own words. 

Also, keep in mind that taking lessons the old fashioned way doesn't give you the ability to revisit, and review everything for the rest of your tennis career, either. All of our online courses come with unlimited, lifetime access to every single lesson. 
PLUS: I'm going to make this even better by including these Special Bonuses for a limited time:
**NEW BONUS** - Full Year Of Essential Tennis Academy For FREE ($564.00 Value)
You can't take full advantage of effective doubles strategies unless you have the technique execution to make it happen! That's why we've decided to do something we've never done before - offer a full year of our comprehensive technique coaching program called Essential Tennis Academy. 

Academy is loaded with over 35 modules that focus in on how to be successful with the most critical strokes and techniques for doubles players: Pinpoint Volleys, Pinpoint Serves, Return of Serve Success, Overhead Success, Serve Power Formula, Passing Shot Success, Pinpoint Groundstrokes, Forehand Power Formula, Lob Success, and MUCH more! You'll have the step by step drills to to quickly improve EVERY part of your game. 

The heart and soul of Academy is a family of passionate players from all over the world who all have the same goal: constant improvement at the game they love. You'll have full access to vote on what coaching gets added next to the member's area, regular live coaching sessions, a community forum for discussion, ideas, and inspiration, a drills library, and much more. 

The current price of Essential Tennis Academy is $47 per month, but if you register for Chaos Theory with the special 6-Pay Plan below you'll receive unlimited access to the member's area for a full year absolutely free. That's a real world $564 value - MORE than the price of Chaos Theory!

Already an Academy student? No worries, we'll suspend your billing for a full year after you register for Chaos Theory down below. 
BONUS 1 - Doubles Domination 3.0 Membership ($400.00 Value)
You'll receive a FREE membership to our powerful Doubles Domination 3.0 coaching program (our previous version of this training), which will no longer be available anywhere online, because "Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory" is replacing version 3.0 completely.

Until this new release today, version 3.0 of Doubles Domination was hands down the most comprehensive doubles strategy coaching program in existence, with well over 15 hours of coaching plus an extensive written ebook.

You’ll get a login to that previous program at no cost when you register for the brand new version of "Doubles Domination: Chaos Theory" today, a $400 value. 

BONUS 2 - Doubles Domination Action Plan
($97.00 Value)
Learning about strategy and increasing your doubles IQ is great, but at the end of the day you need to develop new habits so you can create chaos on auto pilot, without even having to think about it anymore. That’s where this comprehensive, step by step on court plan comes into play. 

It will take all the guesswork out of your practice sessions and lay out a detailed plan for your groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, serves, and returns so your entire game can develop along with your understanding.

This is a $97 value and you’ll receive immediate access to it for free when you register today. 
BONUS 3 - LIVE Q&A Coaching Call
($197.00 Value)
Bonus three is an exclusive LIVE video coaching sessions just for new Doubles Domination Chaos Theory students.

Shortly after registrations close a few days from now we’ll gather all of the most urgent questions you have about doubles improvement and success. 

Essential Tennis pros Kirby, Ira and myself will all discuss and answer those questions during a live, private video broadcast just for you and your fellow students.

There will be a chat room where you can ask follow up questions, or, if you can’t make it live, everything will be recorded and posted inside the member’s area so you can review and revisit the coaching forever.

This is a $197 value but you’ll receive it at no cost when you register today. 

BONUS 4 - Doubles Partner Success Coaching
($197.00 Value)
Bonus four is a powerful live coaching session with mental toughness and peak performance expert Ed Tseng.

Ed is a master of showing people how to deal with situations that cause huge stress and anxiety on the tennis court, like trying to cope with an annoying or bossy doubles partner! 

Within this hour long coaching call Ed and I will discuss why doubles partnerships can be so difficult to manage successfully and what you can do to maximize every single new pairing you have.

This coaching sessions would normally cost $197 but you’ll receive full access to it for free when you register today. 
BONUS 5 - Doubles Drill Library
($197.00 Value)
Bonus five is our special Doubles Drill Library featuring dozens of videos of our absolute favorite doubles drills that you can use during your very next practice session. 

They include cooperative hitting drills to sharpen your accuracy and consistency, competitive point drills to help improve your ability to create chaos, and even feeding drills that focus in on specific skills and movement patterns.

Use them to inject focus and fun into your team practices or hitting sessions with your favorite partners. 

Access to this library would normally cost $197 but you’ll get immediate access to it for free when you register today. 
$5,000 Doubles Training plus $1,088 Total Value of these "Fast Action Taker" Bonuses included TODAY
Instant Access For Just $397.00 Today!
Lifetime Access To Doubles Domination Chaos Theory

100% SECURE.

"We literally roll over teams now..."
"I pulled up the email we sent before our doubles clinic in San Diego and the problems we had then seem like a whole different era of long ago tennis for us.

Today our mistakes are fewer and our confidence is stronger but mostly we have based our game around being in the right spot and then hitting the ball over the net.

Our game is so fine tuned we literally roll over teams, and good 4.0 players, 6-0 or 6-1.

Today the slow ball or the pace change doesn't affect us for a minute.

In fact, we feed off it and rise to another level."

Beth and Toni

4.0 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Students
Doubles Transformation Is GUARANTEED
Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory comes with a sixty day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee...but that's just the beginning. I personally promise that if you execute what you learn then within 60 days you will be playing the most effective doubles of your life. Your partners and opponents will envy the complete confidence, aggressiveness, and savvy strategy of your newfound game. You'll be able to dispatch of weaker teams with ease, beat opponents that have had your number on the court for years, and even start to challenge the next level of competition that you never thought would be in reach. 

I take your improvement very seriously, just like the improvement of all the other players you've read comments from on this page and I vow to do whatever it takes to make your tennis dreams and goals a reality. 

At any time within 60 days, if you decide Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory has fallen short of being able to work a miracle on your passive, unconfident, ineffective doubles game, transforming it into the complete package you've always wanted just call (484) 938-8255 or message us and tell any of my team members (or even me personally) and we'll give you a complete refund. You can also email or send your request by postal mail to the addresses below or even just stop by our offices and studio. We're easily accessible.
I believe so strongly in the programs we create here at Essential Tennis that I'm happy to put my own name and reputation on the line as well as take on all the risk for you giving Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory a try. Over 5,000 tennis players all over the world have put their trust in me as their digital coach and you can, too. 

Ian Westermann
Head Pro at Essential Tennis LLC
316 N. Milwaukee Street
Suite 360
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Email: ian@essentialtennis.com
P.S.  The time is now. Your doubles game is going to continue lacking the ability to control the all important force of chaos until you take advantage of a comprehensive system of improvement like "Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory"

Will you take action?   CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW.
"The instruction is extremely clear..."
"The instruction was very orderly and organized, starting first with an explanation, then demonstration and then implementation...

It’s not like you’re listening to someone telling you about something in principle and showing you where you’re supposed to be on an abstract board or whatever, but you actually are putting intro practice the things that you’re being taught.

I really appreciate that.

Also the instruction itself is extremely clear.

I’ve walked away from a lot of instructions feeling like there’s a nuance that I didn’t quite get and they weren’t able to actually explain it at the level of detail that I could actually internalize it.

I felt here that everything was really really clearly articulated. 

This has been a real abundance, an embarrassment of riches in a lot of ways in terms of a real feast for the mind when it comes to thinking about the fundamentals of tennis both the mental as well as the physical parts of it."


4.0 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Student
"I heard them say: 'lets try to keep it away from him...'"
"One of my recent opponents is a very strong 4.5, who often is in the finals or winning in both singles and doubles.

During my partner's first service game, he (from deuce side) ripped a ball across the middle - maybe a foot above the net. I volleyed calmly on the diagonal.

Next ball, his partner hit a frame ball across the center that I put away. Third ball, I early faked a poach, then covered the line.

On cue, my opponent ripped a ball down the alley, which I again volleyed away diagonally.

As his partner was walking back, I heard him say 'Lets try to keep it away from him. He has a good volley.' 

During USTA league doubles match on Sunday, I got 5 straight put-away volleys off the ad returner.

After the last one, he turned around and threw his racquet at the fence and yelled in frustration!"


San Diego, CA
4.5 NTRP
Doubles Domination Clinic Student
Don't Hesitate - Now It's YOUR Turn
Anyone can transform their doubles game into the proactive, winning play they've always wanted using the Doubles Domination system. I've shown you proof that my coaching methods work for others, and they will work for you too. You also know that with our no-strings attached guarantee you are 100% protected and safe. So what are you waiting for?

It's been said that in your moments of decision, tennis and otherwise, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? To do the same thing you've been doing and get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining Doubles Domination - Chaos Theory... 
Lifetime Access To Doubles Domination Chaos Theory

100% SECURE.

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