"The 3  Reasons Why Your Forehand Lets You Down, And Why The Solution Is Much Easier Than You Think..."
Is Your Forehand Letting You Down?
If you've been struggling to hit your forehand with accuracy, consistency or power...

If you've tried private lessons, clinics, camps, and YouTube videos only to make the same mistakes long, wide and into the net...

Then what you're about to read is going to be extremely eye opening and encouraging to you. 
Get Off The Forehand "Crazy Cycle"
Trying to play a match with a less than effective forehand often results in a maddening cycle of misses and adjustment attempts, especially when you try to attack:

Your first try goes into the net so you aim a little higher. The next attempt avoids the net but sails long. Net then deep, net then deep. A few great shots may find the court here and there but an hour later you've given away just as many points as you've taken, if not more. 

It's this cycle that keeps tennis players handcuffed at the same level of play for years or even decades because the only way they know how to solve it to slow their swing down for safety. 

The result: long, boring matches against beginner or intermediate players and blowout losses against opponents who actually know how to attack without shooting themselves in the foot. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 
The 3 Elements REQUIRED For Forehand Success
The truth is your forehand won't ever be the reliable, intimidating "hero shot" you want it to be without ALL THREE different elements that make success possible:
  • Element 1: Placement - You'll struggle against even beginner players if you can't at least place the ball where you want it to go reliably. This includes the ability to control the pace, spin, depth, width, and height of your forehands consistently. 
  • Element 2: Power - Without some kind of forehand offense, beating intermediate players is a long, grueling process. Rallies last all day while both players try to outlast the other. Placement alone will only get so far against someone with experience. At some point you need power. 
  • Element 3: Curve - If success is a crap shoot every time you hit your forehand hard then your missing element is topspin, which CURVES shots down into the court. The only way to accelerate aggressively while also maintaining safe margin for error is by shaping your shots. 
So you're probably saying to yourself "Makes sense, but how do I make those three things part of my forehand swing?". Great question. Before I share the solution with you it's vital to understand what WON'T work because it's the way most tennis players are trying to improve:
The LAST Thing You Need Is More “Tips And Tricks”
You’ve probably tried lots of different ways to make your forehand the "hero shot" you want it to be but nothing has really “stuck”. That’s because you weren’t actually building any new habits, only trying isolated, one-off tips or tricks.

It's not your fault. The unfortunate reality is that 99% of the lessons, clinics, camps, and internet instruction out there revolves around a "tips and tricks" approach. 

Following that approach can sometimes lead to a few great shots right away, or maybe even a few days of great shots, but when it comes to crunch time during matches you’ll quickly revert right back to your old, less effective habits. 

The reality is most coaches don't understand what it actually takes to make permanent improvements to a player's game. Technique advancements that happen automatically without having to think about them anymore.  

Forget about tips. What you really need is a system. A process to follow. A program that takes you step by step through the improvement journey so that new skills become ingrained and happen unconsciously, taking out all of the guesswork and trial and error so you can advance twice as easily.

The forehand system you’ve been looking for is Forehand Mastery.
The Solution To Every Forehand Problem
It doesn't matter how your forehand is currently letting you down, Forehand Mastery will guide you through a process of learning, practice, and proficiency of new skills that will transform your forehand and your whole game as a result. Here are the problems that Forehand Mastery gives the solution to:
  • Lack of control and consistency.
  • Hitting the net. 
  • Poor timing.
  • Awkward footwork and positioning.
  • Erratic results when trying for offense. 
  • Getting tentative and hitting scared.
  • Unable to drive the ball solidly. 
  • Can't hit inside out or inside in. 
  • Clunky movement around the baseline.
  • Tight, short swings. 
  • Late preparation and rushed swings. 
  • "Arming" shots, poor kinetic chain. 
  • Hitting Late. 
  • Lack of confidence. 
  • No power or offense. 
  • Lack of topspin. 
  • Shots that constantly land short. 
  • Missing long. 
  • No ability to hit targets reliably. 
  • Weak racquet head speed. 
  • Down the line misses.
  • Floaty, weak shots. 
  • Poor balance and control. 
  • Unable to create power AND topspin. 
  • Errors when changing rally direction. 
  • Poor contact point. 
  •  Unable to hit winners or force errors. 
  • And much more!
Powerful Results From A Forehand SYSTEM
So what's inside the program? 120 video lessons organized into 16 different sections that fall into three phases of improvement:
Phase 1: Rock Solid Foundation

This section includes step by step guidance that will help you rebuild your forehand from the ground up to be the reliable, accurate, and consistent cornerstone of your tennis game. No house can withstand a storm without a solid foundation, and that is exactly what this module of Forehand Mastery will give you. 

Over the course of 46 video lessons you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about which grips I recommend, what your swing framework should be including take back, contact point, and follow through, what footwork patterns are best for offensive, neutral and defensive situations and how to make them a part of your game, plus a special series called the “Mastery Progressions” which will show you a practice plan to make your brand new forehand swing an automatic habit.

Phase 2: Pinpoint Placement

This module will show you how to build on top of the strong foundation we created in Module 1 by adding more variety and flexibility to your forehand groundstroke. Within these 27 video lessons I’ll show you exactly how to control the direction of your forehand shots so you can easily hit cross court, down the line and inside out on command, placing your shots on a dime. 

You’ll also learn how to control the height and depth of your forehands so you can land your shots deep over and over keeping your opponents pushed back in the court. 

Lastly, you’ll discover the keys to hitting successful forehands that jump up high or drop down low in your strike zone so you can calmly and coolly send competitive shots back to any opponent no matter how they make the ball bounce.

Phase 3: Massive Power And Spin

Here you’ll learn all of the flashy shots that the pros hit so you can have more fun and success during your matches. Broken down into 42 video lessons you’ll first learn the secret to creating different shapes with your forehand shots, starting with the flat drive. 

Then we’ll move to my special training progressions called Topspin Mastery which will have you hitting heavy, dipping forehands in no time, all you need is a basket of balls. Next you’ll learn the key to creating easy power in my coaching called “Forehand Power Formula” which covers concepts like the kinetic chain and the lag and snap technique pros use to generate massive racquet head speed. 

Finally you’ll get step by step instructions on how to hit specialty shots like the buggy whip, windshield wiper, sharp angle, and even the slice forehand.

How Your Forehand Will Transform
Follow the system and I guarantee you amazing results. What will you learn and what changes can you expect when you put into action what you learn inside Forehand Mastery? 
  • 6 simple progressions that will re-build your forehand technique for incredible precision and consistency. 
  • What the single biggest "forehand killer" is and how to train it OUT of your swing. 
  • How to swing with smooth, easy power so you can effortlessly blow shots past your opponents. 
  • Changing your grip to semi-western or full western will give you more topspin, right? Wrong! You'll learn why and what simple elements to focus on instead for massive spin. 
  • The WORST footwork advice that you hear over and over and what to do instead so you can glide around the baseline smoothly. 
  • The truth about the "reverse" follow through (buggy whip), and how you can use it effectively. 
  • Why many players completely misunderstand and overuse the "windshield wiper" follow through, and how you can utilize it correctly. 
  • A special formula that will teach you how to hit your forehand with deadly control: H+S +or- = D. 
  • What you should NEVER do to try and control the direction of your forehands, but players do it all the time.
  • The single most important element to creating topspin, and how to easily control it. 
  • Why "stay down on your forehand" is TERRIBLE advice, and what you should be doing instead. 
  • 5 easy steps to hitting the most powerful forehands of your life, without having to swing hard. 
  • And much, much more!
World Class Coaching In Your Pocket
So how does this program actually "work"? 

After completing the registration form you'll be asked to create a user name for the Forehand Mastery membership website. 

This is where all of the coaching videos are conveniently organized by phase and topic:
You can login to the membership portal to watch and review the coaching videos from absolutely any device: your home computer, office computer (I won't tell), Android or Apple phone, and Android or Apple tablet. 

Not only are all of the videos compatible with any computer or handheld device but you can freely download them as well in any quality you prefer, all the way up to 4k resolution (double the quality of full HD). 

All this means you have the ultimate flexibility and convenience to learn when, where, and how you want. Whether you're on the court, in your living room, or traveling every lesson will be at your fingertips. 
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Tennis became an obsession for me the moment I discovered it at age 11. I competed in high school and college while completing the four year "Professional Tennis Management" program offered by Ferris State University in partnership with the USPTA. 

After graduation in 2004 I went right to work teaching full time at some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States including Congressional Country Club in the Washington DC area. 

Even though my job was at an incredible club and I was on the court constantly I started to become frustrated. So few of my students shared my passion for improvement and learning. Most wanted a "quick fix" while others didn't want to learn at all and treated my lessons like a social hour. 

It was out of this frustration that Essential Tennis was born in 2008. I worked hard to grow it on the side and in 2011 I was able to quit my teaching job at Congressional to pursue my dream of world wide impact full time. Since then my videos have been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube where Essential Tennis is the largest instructional tennis channel in the world with over 71,000 subscribers. 

I'm now privileged to have helped over 5,000 players in 144 countries through our digital coaching programs and Essential Tennis has become a worldwide leader in online tennis improvement. Creating systems of learning like Forehand Mastery is my passion and I continue to work hard at my own ability as an instructor and coach. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Forehand Mastery will work for you, but you don't have to take my word for it:
What My Students Have To Say
Every lesson within the Forehand Mastery course plays a crucial role because it fits into a comprehensive system for forehand success. 

This isn’t a dump of “tips and tricks” like most of what you get online, its a step by step program just like the ones that I create for my one on one, "VIP Intensive" coaching students. 

These students invested $10,000 or more to spend time with me in person and receive a process to follow that transforms their results and sets them on a path to long term improvement. 

Here’s some feedback from a few of those VIP Intensive students:
"In my experience, Ian is second to none..."
"Working on my tennis game with Ian at Essential Tennis has led to a transformation of both my strokes and the approach I take to improve my tennis. Ian has opened my eyes as to what is needed to transform and make enduring changes to my serve, volleys, approach shots and ground strokes." 

"For each of these strokes, he has helped rebuild my strokes on solid foundations by following the progressions he laid out. The progressions capture the key steps in the process that are required to actually achieve lasting improvement. Of course, by doing the hard yards on the practice court the changes come more quickly." 

"In my experience, Ian is second to none at giving recreational tennis players a holistic step by step process to make meaningful improvement to their game. Keep on swinging." 

Dr. Sean Murphy

5.0 NTRP
VIP Intensive Student
"Ian has a unique ability..."
“ Ian has a unique ability of being able to break down the key components of a stroke and then teach it to you step by step . He insists on you practicing the correct form first as a shadow swing and then using a ball. He realizes that it is critical to develop the correct muscle memory before one can attempt to learn a new stroke correctly or make a change to an old stroke. Ian carefully moves you forward through the steps sequentially, giving you a new step as you are ready to take on a new challenge."


BC, Canada
4.0 NTRP
VIP Intensive Student
"I've taken weekly lessons for 30 years but..."
"There are moments in our lives that we can look back upon and appreciate a decision we've made that has created a significant change. One such change occurred when I started taking lessons with Ian. I've taken weekly lessons with local pros for the past 30 years but recently I discovered Essential Tennis. Wow! Who knew it was possible to improve with instructions via the Internet and videos?"


4.0 NTRP
VIP Intensive Student
Unbeatable Instructional Value
Learning all of the skills inside of Forehand Mastery from a world class coach who has the expertise to write you a step by step process for improvement would take dozens of lessons and cost thousands of dollars.  

Thanks to the power and convenience of digital video Forehand Mastery will give you the ability to work step by step through the same kind of improvement process that I create for my personal students at a small fraction of the cost: only $197, or three easy installments of $67. 

If you go to your average, run of the mill local teaching pro you'll only be able to take two or three lessons for that same financial investment. More importantly, those lessons won't be nearly as effective as the Forehand Mastery system. I know because I used to work in the club industry and 90% of those pros are in a "tips and tricks" mindset day in and day out, working hard to keep members happy and coming back for more. 

Not only is learning all of the different skills within the Forehand Mastery course impossible in just two or three lessons with your local pro, but taking lessons the old fashioned way doesn't give you the ability to revisit, and review everything for the rest of your tennis career, either. All of my online courses come with unlimited, lifetime access to every single lesson. 
Forehand Transformation Is GUARANTEED
Forehand Mastery comes with a sixty day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee...but that's just the beginning. I personally promise that if you execute what you learn then within 60 days you will be hitting the best forehands of your life. Your teammates and opponents will envy the precision, power, and spin of your newfound "hero shot". You'll be able to blow winners past players with ease, place your shots exactly where you want them to go, and hit topspin that literally makes the ball bounce twice as high as before.

I take your improvement very seriously, just like the improvement of all the other players you've read comments from on this page and I vow to do whatever in takes to make your tennis dreams and goals a reality. 

At any time within 60 days, if you decide Forehand Mastery has fallen short of being able to work a miracle on your inaccurate, weak, ineffective forehand, transforming it into the reliable weapon you've always wanted just call (484) 938-8255 and tell any of my team members (or even me personally) and we'll give you a complete refund. You can also email or send your request by postal mail to the addresses below or even just stop by our offices. If you aren't fully satisfied with your forehand results I wouldn't feel right keeping your money, so we make it as easy as possible to get a refund. 

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and I promise you won't be questioned. You don't even have to give any of the course materials back or delete them from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Even if I could take the instruction back I'd rather you keep it as my way of saying "thank you" for putting your trust in me as a coach and giving Forehand Mastery a try. 
I believe so strongly in the programs we create here at Essential Tennis that I'm happy to put my own name and reputation on the line as well as take on all the risk of you giving Forehand Mastery a try. Over 5,000 tennis players all over the world have put their trust in me as their digital coach and you can, too. 

Ian Westermann
Head Pro at Essential Tennis LLC
2838 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 1
Brookfield, WI 53045

Email: ian@essentialtennis.com
Don't Hesitate - This Is Your Chance
Anyone can transform their forehand into a reliable weapon using the Forehand Mastery system. I've shown you proof that my coaching methods work for others, and they will work for you too. You also know that with our no-strings attached guarantee you are 100% protected and safe. So what are you waiting for?

It's been said that in your moments of decision, tennis and otherwise, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? To do the same thing you've been doing and get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining Forehand Mastery... 
Lifetime Access To Forehand Mastery

100% SECURE.

P.S.  The time is now. Your forehand is going to continue lacking the accuracy, power, and topspin you need until you take advantage of a comprehensive system of improvement like Forehand Mastery. Will you take action? CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW
"Far superior to anything I have come across online..."
"Your lessons make so much sense. Your step-by step explanations are far superior to anything I have come across in all my searches on the internet. You are like a tennis guru to me. Just wanted you and everyone else to know that it is all possible. I am not a spring chicken either. At 62 I can vouch for your program. So a huge ‘thank you’ and much appreciation your way."


3.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"...this is a rare thing."
"Ian is someone who is a student of the game, he understands the principles, he studies film, and he studies players, and he studies technique and he studies how to coach. He brings all of that to the game and I think the people who he’s working with also bring that. So you really get someone who has thought about what they’re doing and how they can apply that to your game. If you like tennis and you want to get better this is a rare thing." 


3.5 NTRP
VIP Singles Domination Student
"...Ian can help you fix it."
“If there’s any part of your game that you’re stuck on and you want to improve on Ian can help you fix it. I should have bumped into Ian or someone like Ian 20 years ago.” 


Puerto Rico
3.5 NTRP
VIP Intensive Student
"This is the bread and butter of what tennis is all about..."
"If you want some good coaching that is really integral and actually really does what they say it’s going to do then come here. If you want a quick fix, you just want something surface, there’s lots of other things out there that will tell you how wonderful you are, and not change anything, they’ll just put a veneer over what you’re doing. This is the bread and butter of what tennis is all about, the nitty gritty. The quality of the program was, I thought, the best I’ve ever been to."


BC, Cananda
4.0 NTRP
VIP Doubles Domination Student
"...strong changes in my game within 48 hours..."
“The revelation for me has been how easily the pieces of puzzles were put together. I’ve been taking instruction from pros for nearly 9 years, I started the sport by taking lessons, and I’m out here today and I’ve learned more about what it really means to watch the ball - why am I doing that? The impact of doing that. It was all just broken down fundamentally to a place where I could learn from, apply, and unexpectedly was able to pick up some pretty strong changes in my game within 48 hours - that was very surprising.”


4.0 NTRP
VIP Intensive Student
Lifetime Access To Forehand Mastery

100% SECURE.

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